Toilet bowl with integrated flush wall

Many are accustomed to the design of the toilet with a tank in a prominent place. Now the technology has gone so far that manufacturers have begun to produce these two plumbing items separately. Yes, the tank can be hidden from prying eyes. Most importantly, you will have a place for arranging other plumbing and appliances, such as a water heater. Today we will deal with the definition of a toilet with a built-in tank in the wall, get acquainted with the advantages and disadvantages of the device, and also consider step-by-step instructions for installing it.

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Advantages and disadvantages

These types of toilets have many advantages. The most important of them is a hidden tank. It is for this reason that they have become so popular among advanced users. But there are others.


  • High hygiene. Everyone knows that over time, dust accumulates on the surface of the tank, which also settles on the toilet itself. The built-in tank eliminates the annoying problem, and the plumbing fixture will no longer be a dust collector.

Important! In addition to the tank, pipes, communications, hoses and other pipes are hidden in the wall, which makes the room cleaner and more comfortable.

  • Silent work. You will not hear the drain of water when lowering, as everything will happen behind the wall.
  • Excellent ergonomic properties. Thanks to this installation system, you can install a toilet with a built-in tank in the wall, not only in the center, but also in the corner of the room.
  • Beautiful appearance. To put it mildly, the tank in a prominent place spoils the overall picture of the bathroom. By installing it and disguising it in the wall, you will create not only a beautiful, but also an original interior of this room.
  • High-quality and long work. Manufacturers very carefully develop the built-in design, using only high-strength raw materials and reliable fittings in their work. You will not worry for the trouble-free operation of the device for a long time. If it so happened that the fittings require repair, then it can be easily reached through the usual drain button, and then make a replacement. The tank will never be overfilled with water due to the fact that it has a built-in drainage function, which ensures that the water drains into the sewer.



What about the flaws? Of course, the built-in barrels also have a small amount of them, but you should pay attention to them:

  • Price. The product itself, and especially its installation, will cost you a lot of money. This is an innovation in modern plumbing, which costs a lot of money just because such a design is much more practical and more effective than its counterparts. That is why you will have to pay once for the numerous advantages listed above, but then enjoy the quality and long operation of the equipment.
  • Installation Such a design can be installed with your own hands, but it is better not to do this. In order not to complicate your task and not risk new and expensive plumbing, entrust the matter to professionals. Paying for their services, you will sleep peacefully, knowing that everything is done at the highest level.
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Varieties of toilets with hidden cistern

Such toilets are divided into two main types:

  • Attached. It is a monolithic structure, tightly adhering to the wall with its main body, thereby closing all visible communications. When installing the device, you need to pay attention to the type of release.In other words, a toilet with a built-in cistern in the wall should be bought based on what type of outlet your plumbing unit has. Attached toilets do not require the installation of special frames. A tank is simply mounted on the wall, which is “sewn up” with a sheath made of plastic, drywall, wood and other finishing materials.
  • Outboard. Here you will already need to install a solid mounting frame, which includes mounts for installing the tank. The toilet tank is connected to this design, creating a single whole.

Important! Such a device cannot be mounted on thin walls. For this, only a brick and concrete surface is suitable, which is able to withstand large physical loads. To give strength to the frame, its lower part is laid with bricks, and then lining is performed. After mounting the frame, a toilet bowl with an integrated tank is installed on the fasteners.

There is such a frame, the emphasis of which is on the floor. Most often it is used for rooms with insufficiently strong and reliable walls.

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Installation of a suspended model

In any case, such installation work should be performed by professionals, but it will not hurt you to know how this happens:

  1. First, they think about the location of the toilet bowl, cistern and installation system. Determine the height that is optimal for all family members. Most often, the height of the device relative to the floor level is 40 cm.
  2. Install the installation system, following the detailed instructions of the manufacturer. This type of work depends on the type of system - floor or suspended (built-in).
  3. Then the toilet is attached to special pins located on the frame.
  4. A plastic water tank is connected using clamps, which can also be found on the frame.
  5. The installation is usually sheathed with drywall, faced in accordance with the finishing raw materials, which are used to repair the bathroom.

Important! In this difficult matter, the most important thing is to choose the right components that should ideally fit each other to ensure that a simple connection to the sewer or water supply is made.

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Installation of a structure without an installation system

Many people think that it is simply impossible to do such a job, but this is not entirely true. The toilet will be installed directly to the wall, and the coupling for draining the water drain and the drain barrel will be monolithically in the concrete casing. To all this, the concrete base will also perform the function of maintaining the toilet from below.

Important! A similar method of mounting a hidden plumbing fixture is no worse than the installation option, and it will cost you much cheaper.

Now we will consider how to install the structure with your own hands, what is needed for this.


  • 4 nuts and nuts (diameter 2-4 cm).
  • 2 threaded rods (length 6-8 cm, diameter 2 cm).
  • 40-50 liters of cement-sand mortar.
  • Formwork.
  • Building level.
  • Drill.
  • Container for mixing concrete.
  • Construction mixer.
  • Roulette.


Working process:

  1. We prepare the sewer. We fasten the drain coupling, adjusting its length at our discretion - increase or decrease with the help of a pipe.
  2. We make the marking of the required holes for the studs on the wall so that the height of the toilet is 40-45 cm from the floor level. The interval between the holes should be at least 20 cm.
  3. Now we drill through the wall. Pass the studs through the holes in the wall, which we fix on the back of the product with nuts and washers. So that the ends of the studs do not protrude on the surface, we drill more than a stud in the wall of the recess than a stud, 2 cm deep. We deepen the studs with nuts in them, and then cover the hole with putty.
  4. We install a central shield with pre-made recesses and two side formwork. We fasten the formwork by tightening the nut on the studs, not forgetting to tighten the fasteners from the back.
  5. We check the construction level for the correct installation of the formwork.
  6. We protect the output of the coupling and the threads on the rods with plastic bags.
  7. Pour the concrete mixture into the formwork.We leave a groove for the tank, which is made of polystyrene. We are preparing pouring in the following ratio: 1 part cement, 3 parts crushed stone, 2 parts sand and 0.7 water. We leave to solidify the formwork for 7 days.
  8. Grease the outlet of the toilet with a sealant under the sewer.
  9. We put a toilet.
  10. We connect the drain tank.
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A toilet with a built-in cistern in the wall - comfort and luxury all rolled into one. Allow yourself such a device to make the interior of the bathroom as comfortable and free as possible.

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