Cupronickel harm ли is it possible to eat cupronickel appliances

There is an opinion that cupronickel (mnts) is harmful to health. Is this really so, since some people have been using such dishes for a long time and constantly? In this article we will discuss this chemical alloy (its formula), find out its strengths and weaknesses, benefits and harms, color and yummet, density and consider the rules for caring for it.

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What is cupronickel?

Cupronickel is an alloy of copper (80%) and nickel (18%). This metal was discovered during the time of Napoleon by the French scientists Mayo and Shore, the melting point depends on the grade of alloy and ranges from 1190-1230 ºС.

Important! It was named after the scientists “Mashor” in honor of scientists, but this name of the alloy did not take root on European territory due to the inhabitants of Germany, who called the alloy “nickel silver” in honor of the wise biblical magician. And that means - this name was subsequently popularized.


Dishes from pure cupronickel ceased to be released in the last century. It was replaced by a new, improved and completely safe alloy, which is called “nickel silver” in most countries, which means “new silver”. It consists of an alloy of red copper (50-60%), zinc (20-30%), nickel (15-20%) and silver as a percentage. In the old fashioned way, in the CIS countries, dishes made of new metal are still called nickel silver.

Each metal has its own energy, and this is a scientifically proven fact. Surely you have tea items in your house not only from cupronickel, but also, for example, jewelry made of precious alloys. Then you will probably be interested in information about their features and how to distinguish them. Right now you can familiarize yourself with the following:

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Useful properties of dishes from cupronickel

“Cupronickel is harmful to health” - this statement is not only erroneous, but fundamentally wrong, because this reference is not only not harmful, it is useful for each of us. To substantiate this opinion, it is necessary to consider each component of this alloy from the point of view of its influence on the human body.


  • The accumulation of this trace element occurs mainly in the pancreas and parathyroid gland. It contributes to the long-term maintenance of low blood glucose by enhancing the positive effects of insulin.

Important! This property of nickel is especially valuable for people with diabetes.

  • Nickel ions also oxidize vitamin C and have a beneficial effect on the functions that enzymes perform.
  • Metal improves the condition of hypertonics.



This metal in microdoses is present in the blood of every person. It is an important component of a large number of enzymes and has antibacterial properties.

Important! The daily required dose of this microelement for an adult is 0.9 mg. Deficiency (“copper starvation”) or excess of the norm can adversely affect the state of human health. Read more about actually useful or copper dishes are harmful


Cupronickel and youth

Nothing betrays a person’s age like the skin does. Cupronickel as a whole contributes to maintaining youth and beauty of the skin.To make sure of this, wash your face daily with water and cupronickel ions, and you will forget about skin diseases and premature wrinkles.

Important! To saturate water with cupronickel ions, leave a metal product for several hours in a vessel with water.


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Advantages of nickel silver ware:

  • Cupronickel appliances do not heat up as fast as silver ones. A similar property is associated with the thermal conductivity of copper, because it is much lower than that of silver. The practical side of this advantage is that if you drop a spoon in hot tea, you will not get burned with it if you decide to use the appliance after a while.
  • Beautiful appearance. The dishes from this alloy look rich and elegant.
  • The myth that cupronickel is harmful to health has long been debunked. The components of this alloy are present in the body of each person and perform their important functions. Therefore, if we assume that a small amount of metal enters the body, then it certainly will not bring harm. Cupronickel is also safe for the environment, since it does not emit any harmful substances.
  • The alloy does not rust, which is just perfect in the case of cutlery.
  • This metal can with confidence be called durable. Forks, spoons and knives from cupronickel do not bend even as a result of a significant load, which can not be said about aluminum and silver appliances.
  • The durability of devices and utensils made of this alloy is simply amazing. The formation of plaque is possible, but this defect is easy to remove if you know simple methods for caring for cupronickel dishes.
  • The cost of dishes from cupronickel is much lower than silver. Although, as you can see, the quality and characteristics of the metal are about the same.


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Disadvantages of cupronickel ware:

  • A significant drawback of cupronickel appliances and utensils is the rapid loss of their original appearance. Unfortunately, all alloy objects are quickly covered with blue-copper stains, which is the result of a natural process - oxidation.

Important! This defect is not related to care or storage methods, as previously thought.

  • From the first drawback follows the following - the need for special care. Items made of this alloy should be cleaned regularly to make them look beautiful all the time.
  • Find dishes from cupronickel today is problematic. If earlier, for example, in the USSR, it was practically the only version of cutlery available for the bulk of the population, today nickel silver is no longer so popular and is not produced in such large volumes. And if you still found cupronickel spoons and forks, then their appearance is probably not so exquisite that I remember from childhood.

Important! Some people may find dishes made of this alloy unfashionable and irrelevant. But this opinion is one-sided. Antiques are always an integral part of modern fashion.

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How to care for cupronickel dishes?

Consider the basic rules for caring for such devices so that you can admire them and they do not cause your dislike during use.

To clean cutlery, you can use toothpaste, paste, chalk or a special tool for cleaning jewelry made of precious metals.

Important! It is better not to use products containing acids and chlorine, since subsequently plaque may form on the metal.


Soda solution

You can clean smart metal without the help of household chemicals. To do this, use a soda solution.

Important! Do not clean nickel silver with soda in its pure form, as ugly scratches can form on the devices.


Method number 1

To implement this method, you will not need special devices and knowledge of secrets. Everything is extremely simple:

  1. Dilute 50 g of baking soda in 1 liter of warm water.
  2. Wash cupronickel dishes in the resulting solution, then rinse with clean water.
  3. Dry with a soft towel all washed items.

Important! In no case should you leave appliances made of this alloy wet. This will cause the appearance of new stains and spots.

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Method number 2

To implement this method, you will need an aluminum bowl, a piece of foil and, of course, soda:

  1. Place a sheet of foil on the bottom of the aluminum pan.
  2. Pour the prepared soda solution into an aluminum container and place in it all objects that require cleaning.

Important! Instead of soda in the solution, you can use edible salt (3 tablespoons).

  1. Boil the entire pan.

Important! After this procedure, the instruments will regain their radiance and will look like new.

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This pharmacy liquid is an assistant not only in solving health problems, but also in giving the house and things clean. In the case of cupronickel ware, ammonia can also help.


  1. Dilute a small amount of ammonia in water.
  2. Dip the cupronickel products into the solution and leave for some time.
  3. Rinse thoroughly in clean water all the elements of the dishes and dry with a soft towel.


Eggshell Decoction

This tool is not very well-known, however, it is very effective when it comes to the purity of cupronickel ware.


  1. Grind the shell from two eggs to a powder state.
  2. Pour the powder with 1 liter of water and add 1 tablespoon of salt.
  3. Bring the solution to a boil, and then place in it all the objects that you want to clean.
  4. Boil appliances for two minutes.
  5. Rinse the dishes with clean water and dry thoroughly with a towel.


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Storage rules utensils from cupronickel:

  1. Storage devices should only be dry. The place for this should also not be wet.
  2. It is best to store such dishes in the box cases in which they were sold. If you do not have these, then contact any do-it-yourself store. Such boxes will protect the devices from dust, moisture and mechanical stress.

Important! Make sure that there is no perfumery or household chemicals in the storage area. Such substances can cause darkening and oxidation of the metal.

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As you can see, dishes from cupronickel are not only not harmful, but also to some extent useful. And the rules for caring for her are not particularly difficult. Therefore, if you like such cutlery, feel free to use them. And if you want to refine your utensils, then you can contact a jeweler and make an additional coating of it with silver.

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