How to remove super glue from the table?

Absolutely everyone knows how strong super glue is. When used, it is able to glue not only what it was intended for, but also leave a stain on the skin, clothing, furniture. In this article, we want to share with you how and what to wipe super glue from furniture, so as not to spoil the table, and also not to leave stains. This is a rather difficult task, but still possible, provided that the rules, tips and recommendations are followed exactly. There are several methods on the topic of how to remove and wash glue the moment from the table, and we will talk about the most effective and popular ones.

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Nail polish remover

One of the main ways to cleanse is to use a nail polish remover containing acetone:

  1. Apply with a cotton pad or cotton swab, if the contamination is slight, use the product on the soiled area.
  2. Leave for a while - about 20 minutes.
  3. Then try using a toothbrush or a small piece of cloth to remove any dirt from the furniture.
  4. Do not overdo it so that the table does not lose its natural color, and also so as not to scratch.

Important! Before applying the polish remover, try it in a small inconspicuous place, so that in case of an unexpected reaction - the table is not spoiled by acetone. Use of such a solvent on lacquered furniture is unacceptable.

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Hot water and soap

A less effective, but also a good option in terms of safety and a gentle effect on materials is a warm soapy solution.

Important! Especially good, it helps to remove glue from clothes and hands.

In this case, to remove super glue from the table, you can use absolutely any soap that you have: liquid soap, laundry soap, as well as scrubs and oily creams for any part of the body. This is a very convenient method in terms of the fact that you always have the necessary means of purification at home.

But you may have to carry out the procedure more than once to achieve the final desired result.


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Alcohol and gasoline

Do not forget about such wonderful liquids as gasoline or alcohol. Both remedies are very effective, but before use, do not forget to test the reaction on a small piece of the surface.

Wipe the place to be cleaned and wait a while. If necessary, repeat the procedure again.

Important! Do not forget that you can apply these methods only after the super glue has completely dried on the surface.


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Also a very popular solution that can remove many hard-to-remove substances. For example, paint or the same super glue, it will help to remove in a matter of minutes. You can buy a solution of "Dimexide" (dimethyl sulfoxide) in any pharmacy and in some stores with household chemicals, since the prescription is not needed.

Important! But consider the fact that this is a very aggressive product, so use gloves when applying. This will help you avoid hand skin irritation as well as possible allergies.

To remove super glue from a wooden table, moisten a cotton pad and wipe the entire area of ​​surface contamination. Finally, rinse the entire table with warm, clean water.


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Temperature exposure

You can try to remove super glue from the table by subjecting the super glue surface to strong cooling, or vice versa, to strong heating, for example, using a hairdryer.If the stain interacts with such high or low temperatures, the glue will begin to crumble, break or melt, so it can easily be removed with a nail file or other sharp object.

Important! Be careful not to damage the surface of the furniture itself with sharp objects.


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Antikley "Supermoment"

But if you have high-quality super glue, it will be resistant to extreme changes in temperature, water, moisture and even chemical agents. But what if you need to decide how to wipe super glue from the table? In this case, you have no choice but to go after the Super Moment adhesive or any other. You can buy it at any hardware store.

Important! It can easily clean and degrease any surface. When using this tool, you can not be afraid to get skin irritation or surface damage, since it is completely safe in this regard.


Put this product on a table or any other place - it can be fabric, leather, plastic or wood, and leave for several hours. During this time, it will fully work and you will only have to rinse well with warm water. It is worth noting that this is the most effective way than wiping super glue.

Important! If you need to remove the old adhering chewing gum, and you don’t know what to do, use this “Super Moment” adhesive. He is able to solve such a difficult problem in an incredibly small amount of time.

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So, we hope that our tips, ways, how and how to remove super glue from the table, will help and will be useful to you in future life. Now it will not be necessary to wipe at random with all kinds of detergents and solutions. Having carefully studied the contents of the article, you will forever forget about the question of how to wipe super glue from furniture, because now you know all the possible options for cleaning surfaces. I would like to wish not to get into situations after which I have to wash the table, but since it happened - do not get lost and do the right cleaning.

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