How to smoke odorless 🥝 in the bathroom and toilet cigarettes

Smoking always causes a characteristic odor, and it spreads throughout the room and sticks to hair, clothing and furniture. How to smoke non-smoking in the hospital, in the toilet that would not stink? If you still live with your parents, and they do not approve of the addiction, it is important to avoid the smell, and for this you need to know how to smoke at home so that it does not smell. Taking certain measures, you will be able to avert suspicion from yourself, not to give parents a reason to suspect you of smoking. Although the surest way to rid the apartment of the smell is to quit smoking.

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Smoke at home, so as not to smell, you can. It is only necessary to apply some tricks during a "pleasant" pastime.

Tip number 1. For smoking, find an open secluded place, preferably in the fresh air.

If there is a smoking person in the family, then everyone experiences inconvenience. Therefore, whenever possible, always smoke in the fresh air. It can be an open space in the yard, garage or basement. If there is no such secluded place nearby, then use the bathroom for these purposes.

Important! The bedroom is the worst option for a smoker's place, especially if you are trying to hide your addiction and are afraid to burn off. There is a lot of fabric in the room, which easily absorbs the smell of tobacco and you can’t mask this “aroma”.


Tip number 2. Choose the right time for smoke breaks

Always choose the time for smoking wisely so that your parents do not have suspicions about the purpose of your walk every hour.

Tip number 3. Use the window in the smoking room

If you are at home, be sure to blow smoke out the window. This is not only useful for ventilating the room, but also helps to quietly weather the cigarette smell out.

If you yourself like smoking, try a safer option.

Tip number 4. Plug the slots in the doorway

Use freshly washed wet towels to plug the cracks in the door and frame while smoking in the room. Smoke passing through wet towels will remain on them. So you will be able to smoke at home without a pale and not to smell.


Tip number 5. Use a fan to ventilate

If the room has a fan, then use this room for a smoke break. Do not carry the fan from room to room, so as not to arouse suspicion among parents. Ventilation is the key to eliminating unpleasant odors. Put a fan on the window to control the air flow and remove the cloud of smoke out.

And if you smoke at home constantly and in different rooms, then it is not superfluous to use modern means to neutralize unpleasant odors. To do this, you just need to choose from the rating offered on our website best air fresheners to your taste.

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Odor masking

You can not only prevent the accumulation of tobacco smoke in the house, but also mask its remains:

  1. Tobacco smell impregnates everything, especially clothes. Therefore, use camouflage clothing for smoking cigarettes and hookah and store it in a secluded place. It can be a light jacket, a jacket with long sleeves or a sweater. Camouflage clothing will help keep cigarette smoke away from your home clothes.
  2. Perfumes can also be used to mask tobacco aroma.Spray cologne, deodorant or air freshener first, and then have a smoke break. The main thing - do not overdo it, otherwise the parents will have a question: why did you take a bath in the cologne.
  3. Alternatively, to mask cigarette smoke, use an odor neutralizer - ozium. Spray it in accordance with the instructions and only before leaving the room.
  4. To neutralize the smoke, use an incense stick. Typically, a stick consists of a bunch of dried herbs. Light the incense stick and it will not only mask the smell, but also make the smoke less noticeable. Incense stick will act as a strong incense.


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Deodorize the body

In order not to arouse suspicion of addiction and smoke at home, so as not to smell, listen to the following recommendations:

  1. Brush your teeth immediately after smoking.
  2. Use chewing gum to freshen your breath, especially if the smoking area is away from home.
  3. Products such as garlic or onions will help hide odors. Of course, the onion-garlic smell is also unpleasant, but for your parents it is better than a cigarette.
  4. Wash your hands with soap as often as possible. Use a scented soap, and if this is not enough, then use a moisturizer or a scented hand product.
  5. To refresh your breath and mask the smell, eat an orange. Cleansing it from the peel, you will leave citrus juice in your hands, which will neutralize cigarette smoke.
  6. You can cleanse the skin with alcohol. Safe for the skin - isopropyl alcohol. Of course, alcohol can dry your skin, so use a moisturizer after cleansing.
  7. The smell on the hair lasts a long time, as the hair has a porous structure. The only way to remove cigarette smoke from your hair is to take a shower and use a good quality shampoo. For example, coconut shampoo and a fragrant hair styling product will help get rid of the smell.


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How to smoke in a bathroom without smell?

If there is an extractor fan in the bathroom, be sure to turn it on during a smoke break. If there is no hood, then proceed as follows to smoke in the bathroom without a smell:

  1. Prepare a spray bottle with the following solution: perfume or cologne, flavored shampoo, shower gel and water.
  2. Enter the bathroom.
  3. Turn on cold water.
  4. Set fire to a cigarette while smoking water.
  5. Smoke in a stream of water or in the water in the bathroom. Shake the ash into an ashtray or jar.
  6. After a smoke break, turn on the hot water.
  7. Spray the air in the room well.
  8. Take a bath with scented foam.


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How to eliminate the smell of tobacco in the apartment?

There are several folk ways that help get rid of a cigarette smell that has already appeared:

  • Natural flavors. Chopped orange peel in a bowl serves as a natural air fragrance. For the same purpose, you can use coffee beans. Improvised air fresheners are able to aromatize an apartment within one to two days.
  • Aromatic oils. Get the essential oil in the pharmacy and add 3-4 drops in a small glass bowl with sea salt. The prepared product will help mask the smell, but will not completely remove it.
  • Vinegar. Dilute a glass of apple cider vinegar in 0.5 glass of water. Moisten a cloth in the solution and wipe the surface of the table, cabinet, shelves and other furniture. Squeeze a cloth and wipe the wallpaper. After a cleaning procedure, ventilate the room to remove the smell of vinegar.
  • Soda. Sprinkle a carpet, carpet, laminate, parquet with a small layer of soda. Leave the product for a day. Remove the remaining soda with a vacuum cleaner. This method will not work immediately, but after 2-3 procedures.
  • Fig. Pour rice into a bowl and place in the smoking room. Rice, like a sponge, perfectly absorbs all odors.
  • Wet terry towels. Dip a few terry towels in cold water and hang them around the apartment. Towels will absorb all unpleasant odors and help to refresh the room.After the towels have dried, wash them in the machine.
  • Perfume. Refresh the air in the room with your favorite perfume and treat it with bulbs and fixtures (cold). As soon as you turn on the light, the room will be filled with aroma.

Perhaps it's time to think about the causes and consequences of your habit? If you are ready for this, then find out what will happen if you quit smoking abruptly.

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We hope that the information received has helped you keep cigarette attachment secret and your loved ones have not guessed anything. But all the same, someday everything secret becomes clear, so it’s better to immediately get rid of the addiction and then you do not need to look for ways to conspire. Good luck

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