How to clean a massage brush 🥝 How to quickly wash a massage brush

To always look attractive, you must at least take good care of your hair. To do this without improvised means is extremely difficult, especially if they are not in good condition. Therefore, the question of how to clean and wash a comb or massage from rubber from dirt should be asked periodically by every self-respecting man and especially a woman whose hair is one of the main advantages of the image. Of course, you can just go and buy a new tool for hair care, but if the current comb is perfect for your hair - why spend money? It’s easier to quickly clean it at home, the main thing is to choose what and how. And you will learn about this from this article.

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Where to begin?

How to clean a comb from dirt?The first thing you should be puzzled with is choosing the right tool. The current industry produces a wide range of hairdressing accessories and everyone chooses a tool for their convenience, price and other criteria. It is best to start from the material from which the hair brush is made in order to correctly decide how to wash the comb.

By this criterion, the following groups can be distinguished:

  • wooden;
  • plastic;
  • iron.

Important! It is impossible not to take into account the shape of the brush, since the degree of complexity of the cleaning process will depend on this. It’s easier to wash the combs, and more difficult to massage or round combs. About which method to apply for each type of tool, read below.

It may be easier to replace the comb with a more suitable option. Before you start cleaning your tool, check out the helpful overview on choosing combs for different types of hair

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How to wash a comb from a tree?

Scallops made of wood have a number of advantages that you probably appreciated in the process of hair care. But, in order to solve the question of how to clean the comb from dirt from such a material, one must be careful in choosing suitable products. Natural wood is very whimsical and does not tolerate prolonged exposure to moisture, chemicals, etc.

Therefore, if you do not want to part with your beloved and comfortable comb, act only this way:

  1. Remove the hair from the comb.
  2. Wet the cotton pad with alcohol or liquid based on this substance.
  3. Wipe all teeth in series until all plaque is removed.

Important! In no case do not wash a wooden comb under running water and, especially, do not soak in soapy or any other solution. This may cause the wood to delaminate or deform.

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How to remove dirt from a plastic comb?

Plastic is convenient and practical. It can be cleaned by almost any means. But so that this process does not drag on and you quickly understand how to clean the comb from dirt, proceed as follows:

  1. Remove any hair falling out during combing from your comb.
  2. If the teeth are very frequent, and there is a lot of hair tangled in them - use improvised equipment - a thin knife, a needle or a toothpick.
  3. Prepare a solution for soaking - plastic calmly transfers this procedure. For this purpose, use warm water in a basin of such a volume that the tool completely fits in it, 1 tbsp each. ammonia and shampoo.
  4. Immerse the comb in a cleaning agent and leave for half an hour.
  5. Remove and rinse well under running water.
  6. If some particles of dirt do not come off, rub with an unnecessary toothbrush.

Important! If you often model hairstyles, learn about which is better to choose a hair dryer.

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How to clean a metal comb?

Metal combs are not very convenient for permanent hair care, but you can not do without them to create beautiful hairstyles with curls, highlighted strands, etc. But even with infrequent use, it is necessary to periodically decide how to clean the comb from dirt. Otherwise - the next time it will just be unpleasant for you to use it.

How to clean a comb from dirt?Effectively remove all plaque from metal using this method:

  1. Pour soda into a bowl.
  2. Moisten a metal comb.
  3. Dip old unnecessary toothbrush in water and then in soda.
  4. Wipe the entire surface with powder until all dirt has come off.
  5. Rinse under warm water to remove soda residue.
  6. Dry the tool well after cleaning. Otherwise, after a couple of such procedures, the metal may rust.
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How to remove dirt from a round comb?

To thoroughly clean the comb of dirt, if it has a round shape, you will have to work hard. Proceed in this situation as follows:

  1. Arm yourself with a toothpick or needle and remove all hair wound around the teeth and the surface of the roller.
  2. Choose a suitable container for soaking.
  3. Mix in it 1 tbsp. hydrogen peroxide and ammonia, add shampoo, dilute everything with warm water.
  4. Soak a round brush in the solution for at least 1 hour.
  5. After this time, make sure that all the dirt has moved away. If not, rub a little with your old toothbrush, moistening it with the same solution.
  6. Rinse your hair care tool with running water and dry it.
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How to brush a massage brush?

Before you clean the comb from dirt, find the usual flat and “comb” with it all the teeth. Only in this way will you be able to completely remove the hair adhering to the base. Then start washing off the remaining dirt formed from sebum, dust, hair care products.

For this:

  1. Mix 1 liter of water at room temperature, 3 tbsp. vinegar (preferably 9% concentration), 2 tbsp. shampoo.
  2. Dip the massage brush into the prepared solution and leave for 5-7 minutes.
  3. Take out, rinse, leave to dry on a towel.

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Helpful hints:

  1. Remove hair from teeth immediately after combing hair. Then less dirt will accumulate on them.
  2. Clean the tool before combing clean, not dirty hair.
  3. To make it easier to clean the brush with vinegar, add a few drops of aromatic essential oil to the solution - this will kill the pungent smell of acid.
  4. Periodically change the massage and round brushes, no matter how you like them. With prolonged accumulation of moisture inside, mold may form that you will not see, but it will adversely affect the condition of the skin of your head and hair.

Important! To keep your hair always looking well-groomed and shining, follow the link with a useful overview about Stock footage

Now you know how to clean any type of comb from dirt. Do this regularly and you will notice how beautiful your hair has become, on which dirt from the comb now does not settle.

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