How to wash floors after a dead person?

Every person faces such a sad event as a funeral. I really want relatives to stay with us always, but this is simply impossible. The mysteries of death always frighten people, which is why many different superstitions and all kinds of signs are associated with this event. It is believed that in order for a deceased person to find peace, relatives and friends engaged in repose should help him chop off all the exits to this world. It is relatives who must monitor the performance of all rituals at home. Today we will acquaint you with the main ones and tell you how to wash the floors after the dead person, whether it is necessary to wash the floor after the dead person, who can and who cannot, where to pour water so that death does not return in its wake.

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Why is it necessary to wash the floors after the dead person?

Mopping after the dead - refers to a very old tradition. Previously, the floor was not washed, but sweeping, to sweep away all troubles, illnesses and death. It was believed that in this case, death could not return to the house, since there would be no trace of her stay.


Any deceased person, even the most beloved and dearest, carries negative energy after death. And all this negative energy pervades things related to the funeral.

Important! Table and stools on which the coffin and lid were mounted. All these things are turned upside down and carried out for a while to clear them of negativity and not bring on new trouble.

If negative energy remains inside the house, then the people living in it begin to get sick and even die for no reason. Everyone knows that negative energy is washed away by water and holy is better, therefore it is so important to know how to properly clean floors after a dead person so as not to incur a new misfortune. You can also use individual tips to clean the house of negativity.

Surely there will be an edge and other questions. And you will also find answers to some of them on the pages of our site, for example,what to do with the clothes of the deceased.

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How to wash floors after a dead person?

The ceremony begins in ancient times. The floors at that time were earthen. To put things in order in the hut, the floors were swept, starting from the inside of the room, and finished beyond the threshold.

After the funeral, our ancestors noticed the traces of the deceased in the other direction, crossing the road with a whisk, along which one who had gone into another world could return. It was from these times that the custom occurred - to wash the floors after the deceased.


To properly perform the ceremony, you must adhere to a certain sequence and some rules:

  • Floors must not be washed by relatives of the deceased and pregnant women. Relatives of the deceased are more vulnerable than anyone else to negativity and danger. They should not come into contact with the attributes of a funeral so that the dead person would not draw them to him. Pregnant women, even if they are not relatives, are also very susceptible to negative effects and can cause trouble to an unborn baby.
  • From the premises it is necessary to take out everything related to the funeral: cuts of material for the coffin bedspread, various wood chips and all the flowers donated to the deceased.
  • Ritual washing of floors must begin from the threshold and walls, ending with cleaning in the place where the coffin stood. This must be done so that the deceased person forgets the way back.
  • If the floors after the deceased were not washed because everyone left for the cemetery, do this: let one of the women who came to say goodbye enter the house with a broom and repeat the old ritual, crossing the road inside. After such a ceremony, everyone else can go into the room.

Important! Remember the following rule: in the house where the coffin with the body of the deceased is located, you can not carry out any cleaning. Otherwise, there is a risk of “sweeping” or “washing” another tenant from the house. At this time, only carpets and paths are removed from the floors. And only after the removal of the body floors in the house are washed to remove the dead spirit from the home.


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Signs and rules at the funeral

All signs are formed on the basis of the experience of generations and they must be respected so as not to spread trouble and live happily ever after. Check out some of the rules to keep in mind when resting:

  • A dead man is not left in the house alone - women are planted near him.
  • Immediately after a person has died, all the mirrors are hung in the house to close the road between the world of the living and the dead. While the soul of the deceased is at home, it can be lost in the mirrors.

Important! Closed mirrors should be 40 days.

  • After a person dies, it is necessary to open the doors and go outside to guide the soul of the deceased. While everyone is escorting the soul, the eldest woman in the house wails over the body.
  • The deceased must be washed immediately after they lead the soul. Relatives should not take part in this - they usually call for washing their neighbors. Only women should wash. After washing, water must be poured over the threshold - to where no one goes.

Important! Do not pour water into the toilet.

  • Women who washed the deceased, after forty days, give the clothes of the deceased. Immediately after death, you can’t give clothes, since the deceased will walk naked in the afterlife.
  • The deceased is dressed in everything new. It is customary to bury a person in clothing appropriate to the weather and season. Shoes should be with a back and presentable. If a person has prepared funeral clothes for himself during his lifetime, then make sure that it is clean and has not been used before.
  • The coffin should not be larger than the deceased.

Important! There is such a sign: if there is free space at the feet of the dead man, then there will be a second dead man.

  • The deceased is put his head in the holy corner, with his feet to the exit. Carry the dead man forward with his feet.
  • Before removal, candles are lit at the coffin and prayers are sung. Then the candles are extinguished and put in a coffin.
  • They take out the lid first, and then the coffin. Relatives follow the tomb, that is, behind the head of the deceased.
  • It is necessary to bury the deceased in the first half of the day in order to catch the crumbs from the funeral table in the cemetery.
  • After removal of the body, the floors are thoroughly washed. An ax is placed in the place where the coffin stood, so that there are no more deaths.
  • The broom, which was ground, and the rag that washed the floor, must be taken out of the house and thrown away.
  • After the cemetery, be sure to wash your hands with soap and hold them above the candle. A candle is a symbol of fire, and it is able to burn all negative energies.

Important! If immediately after the event or after a long time you suddenly dream of the dead, do not worry - this is not always a bad sign. Read in more detail on another page of our site, what does the dead man dream about.


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Useful Tips

Here are a few other well-known signs that everyone who takes part in repose should know:

  • When the dead man's eyes are closed, you need to carefully monitor that both eyes are closed.
  • If a girl dies, then dress her in all the wedding. The mission of any woman to become a wife and mother. If a girl died at a young age without becoming a wife, then she becomes the bride of God.
  • Relatives should not carry the coffin with the deceased. Those who carry the coffin are bound to tie a new towel on their hand, supposedly the deceased himself thanks these people for their respect.
  • You can not leave things that were in contact with the deceased in the house.The measure that was removed for the coffin, the ropes with which the arms and legs were tied, must be put in the coffin.
  • If there is no cross on the deceased, then it must be worn. Hands of the deceased are folded as follows: left from below, right from above. In the left hand they put an icon (a woman - the Mother of God, a man - the Savior) or a cross.
  • Do not put fresh flowers in the coffin.
  • Do not leave rings, chains, bracelets on the deceased. Forgotten ornaments, knots, buttoned buttons on the deceased can cause inconvenience to the soul of the deceased for some time.
  • Cannot be buried in a wedding ring.
  • Handkerchiefs with tears are thrown and buried in the grave. Nothing can be taken out of the cemetery at all.
  • Before burying a dead man, all who came to spend him throw a handful of earth on the lid.

Important! People say that if a person does not leave the earth, then the deceased will find a weak spot and begin to scare at night.


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How to protect your family if you saw a funeral?

Misunderstanding of death, its frightening images generate a lot of signs and protective actions. Here are a few of them:

  • If the funeral procession passes by the house, then you need to wake everyone, even small children. It is believed that during the passage of the funeral procession, the soul of the deceased can take with him the one who is sleeping.
  • You cannot cross the road before the funeral procession. You need to stop, take off your hat and pray, so as not to incur trouble.

Important! Do not forget to worry about the design of the grave, because this is the last tribute to a loved one. Find out all about when they erect a monument after the funeral and how to do it right.

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A person is born, grows, lives, at every step he is faced with certain superstitions, signs, warnings. If during life the consequences of not following the rules can be corrected, then after death this cannot be done. Be careful, perform basic protective actions when resting, to live as long as possible, and most importantly - happily.

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