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Denim shorts have not lost their relevance for more than a year. In order to always keep up with fashion trends, while maximizing the budget, you can make jeans shorts with your own hands. Such shorts will be the highlight of your wardrobe and will not go unnoticed. And you, in turn, will receive a stylish and unique thing. How to make shorts out of trousers - you will find many interesting ideas in this article.

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Giving a second life to old jeans

In order to build new shorts from old jeans, you will need:

  • Sewing scissors;
  • Set of needles;
  • Threads in color;
  • Sewing machine;
  • Chalk or tailor's marker;
  • Accessories and jewelry that will decorate the future product.

Important! The best option would be shorts made of stretch jeans, since due to the properties of this material, the future product will sit perfectly on the pope and hips.

Determine the correct length

It is very important to determine and measure the length correctly before cutting jeans. It is best to take measurements on yourself. When choosing the length of a future product, one should take into account not only one's desires, but also the shape of the jeans and the density of their fit to the body. Denim shorts, depending on the length, can be divided into:

  • Classic;
  • Bermuda
  • Capri;
  • Ultrashort.


Additional measures

After you have decided on the length of the future product, 2-3 centimeters for finishing the edges should be added to this parameter. For a double edge, you need at least 5 centimeters in addition to the edge treatment.

Important! If you want the shorts to be very short, then in this case, the back should be made a little longer than the front.

Cooking pants:

  1. Connect the marks in a straight line.
  2. Adhering to the line drawn by you, very carefully cut off the leg.
  3. Do the same with the second leg.

The shorts are almost ready. Next, you need to think about how you will decorate the edges and decorate the finished product.

Important! If the jeans from which you are going to make shorts are not worn, then before you cut, you need to wash and dry them. In this way, they will settle, and you can make the measurements correctly.

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What to do if the shorts are very short?

For starters, you should stop panicking. Even if you have failed and miscalculated a little with the length, all this is fixable. In order to lengthen the shorts with your own hands, you can use all the same cut pants. Just measure out the width that you are missing, add a couple of centimeters for decoration and sew in simulated cuffs.

Important! Another option is a wide lace ribbon. You just need to sew it on. Thus, you will solve the problem, and the shorts will receive additional decor.

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Making denim shorts

In order to make original shorts from jeans trousers, they still need to be made out. The look of the future product entirely depends on your preferences and the desired result. You can do it the standard way and just bend the edge. Well, for lovers of the original and stylish, we offer several ideas and methods thanks to which you can create an individual and unique design.

Making a fringed hem

This is the easiest option anyone can do. To make fringe, you need a sewing needle or tweezers. With their help, separate the horizontal threads from the free edge of the jeans. Separate until the fringe is the length you need.

Important! When creating a fringe, the threads need to be separated one at a time. Despite the complexity of the process, as a result you get a beautiful edge design without various deformations.

Decorate the edge in the form of an ornament

In order to make fashionable shorts with original ornaments from old jeans, you will need to use a template from thick paper:

  • The finished stencil should be attached to the edge of the leg and outline the fabric using a chalk or marker.
  • After the drawing is transferred to the product, you need to carefully cut the edge, based on the intended marks.

Important! You can leave the shorts in this form, or you can sew a bent edge using a sewing machine.

Making torn edges

In order to make the torn edges of the product, you do not need much effort. After trimming, they are torn anyway. Your task is to refine them with a blade or a clerical knife.

Important! For beauty, you can make several additional cuts.

To create a full worn effect, cuts can be tattered with your hands or with sandpaper.

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How to color denim shorts?

In addition, how to cut jeans and trim the hem, you can show your personality by painting them in a different color. Thanks to bleaches and special paints you can create a model that will be in a single copy only with you.

White is always in fashion

To turn blue shorts into pale blue or white, you should use bleach. Just dilute it in water (1: 1 ratio) and soak them in this solution for several hours. The procedure must be repeated until the desired result is obtained. At the end of the product, wash as usual.

Important! To create various decorative blots, you need to spray bleach on the product in a chaotic manner and leave for a while. As a result, you will get original two-tone shorts.

This option is suitable for lovers of bright colors. Dyes for fabric you can buy in any store with sewing accessories. These paints dissolve in water, due to which they are easy to apply to the fabric.

Important! Before painting, shorts should be bleached.

The painting process and the future appearance of the product entirely depends on your desires and imagination. You can color them completely or apply drawings with a brush. After 20 minutes, the finished shorts can be rinsed and dried.

Important! The original solution is to use a stencil. Thus, you can evenly and accurately apply the picture.

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How to decorate denim shorts?

When creating shorts from old jeans with your own hands, decor is of great importance, since the final look of the product depends on it. Today, the assortment of various accessories in the form of stickers and stripes, sequins, beads and glass beads is just off scale. The most important thing is to decide what type of jewelry you will use.

Sequins, rhinestones and beads will suit lovers of brilliant

This decor will add charm to your shorts. You can lay out ornate patterns or just scatter in a chaotic manner. These jewelry turn shorts into an exclusive, expensive and glamorous thing.

Important! Beads and sequins need to be sewn. Rhinestones are glued using special glue or steam.


Embroidery lovers

Embroidery is a decor that will brighten up any thing, especially jeans. Thanks to her, your shorts will gain a unique design, a certain ethnicity and elegance. The location on the product does not matter - everything is only at your discretion. Most often, embroidered items are placed on the back pockets, on the sides or in the front.

Important! The embroidery should be applied with the help of special thread floss. First, make a drawing of the future decor on tracing paper, and only after that - transfer it to the fabric.

Colored fabric inserts

In order to make the shorts made of jeans bright and unusual, you can decorate them with inserts from colored textiles. Shreds of fabric can be scattered randomly in the form of patches, or you can make decorative trim with it.

Important! Pay attention to fabric patches with various prints. They look very bright and extraordinary.

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Top most fashionable denim shorts

In order to be in trend, while not spending fabulous money on the purchase of such popular shorts, we bring to your attention how you can create the most popular styles of this season using old jeans.

Chic and sparkling thanks to sequins

You can decorate a product with sequins in two ways:

  • Decorate individual elements - pockets, lapels, waistband or cuffs.
  • Directly work with the entire fabric canvas.

Depending on the method of decorating the product, sequins are of 2 types - roll and piece:

  • The situation is simple with the first, as they are sewn with a sewing machine. These sequins are best used to decorate a large area of ​​denim.
  • As for the piece, their sewing is a very laborious and lengthy process. But with these sequins, you can not only sheathe, but also create various drawings and patterns. Such decor will add spectacularity and high cost to your outfit.

In order for you to have such shorts, you need to do the following:

  1. Trim the legs of old jeans.
  2. Work the edge.
  3. Create a sketch of the finished product.
  4. Calculate the required number of decorative elements.
  5. Sew sequins according to the sketch.

Important! To create even more, use accessories of different sizes.


Add tenderness with lace

This decoration technique is very simple and time-saving. You do not have to be an experienced tailor in order to make lace shorts with your own hands. There are a large number of options on how to create an elegant and delicate decor with lace elements.

The most popular are:

  • Bottom edge decor;
  • Addition in the form of a lace strap;
  • Side inserts;
  • Patch on back pockets;
  • Lace decoration of the whole product.

How to decorate shorts with lace?

We bring to your attention an example of how you can make fashionable shorts decorated with lace on the sides.

To do this, you will need:

  • Old jeans;
  • Lace;
  • Thin threads;
  • Needle.

Operating procedure:

  1. To get started, prepare the jeans and shorten them to the required length.
  2. Side seams should be flung, but not completely, only to the length you need. This is necessary for sewing on the future insert.
  3. Cut the wedge from the canvas.
  4. From a lace of your choice, cut a similar wedge of the appropriate size.
  5. Using pins, a piece of lace is pinned from the outside to the sides of the product.
  6. Sew lace with neat and inconspicuous stitches or sew.

Important! Be sure to try on shorts before sewing on lace.

Star Shorts

A very peculiar way is to apply shapeless blots in a chaotic manner. This composition creates the effect of starry space. This design can be created using whiteness. You just need to spray the solution with a spray and wait a while

As for paints, for work you can use “pure” colors or mix them together. Apply them with a sponge around faded blots. A toothbrush is also great. To do this, it must be immersed in a white coloring solution, and then, spraying the paint, create numerous small dots.

Artist shorts

This is a very interesting idea. Its essence lies in the creation of various intricate designs on jeans shorts. In order to decorate the future product in this way, you will need:

  • Paints for fabric;
  • Stencils;
  • Brushes;
  • Lace.

This technique is very simple and straightforward:

  1. You need to draw the necessary drawing or pattern on a sheet of thick paper or cardboard and cut it out.
  2. Next, apply it to the desired areas on the shorts.
  3. Use a brush and paints to draw out the cutouts.

Important! A great option is to use lace elements. You need to moisten the lace in bleach or a solution of whiteness, for 30-40 minutes attach to the product. Due to the fading of the fabric, you get a lace ornament.

The most creative and expensive way is to apply patterns and drawings by hand. To do this, you need to make a preliminary sketch, put it on the product with chalk, and then paint it with colored paints.


Trendy Ombre

The most popular trend of this season is gradient staining, or ombre. You can do it yourself by turning old and boring jeans into stylish shorts:

  • After the jeans have been cut to the desired length, you can proceed directly to dyeing.
  • Prepare a special acrylic paint for the fabric. If it is powdery, then it should be diluted in water.

Important! For the first staining, you need to make a not very concentrated coloring solution.

  • In a container with paint, lower part of the product for 5-8 minutes.
  • Pour the remnants of the paint into the old solution and lower the shorts again, only a length shorter than the first time. Due to this, the second line will come out brighter and darker.

Important! To perform the ombre technique using several colors at once, you need to apply the dye compositions alternately. On the border line, to soften the transition of the paint should be mixed.

Short ripped shorts

Very trendy today around the world are shorts with scuffs or artificially aged. In order for such a thing to appear in your wardrobe, you only need to show imagination and a little effort:

  • First, in order to make ripped shorts, you need to trim old jeans.

Important! For this model, it is best to cut denim pants in a V-shaped way.

  • Next, you must decide on the edge. Most often, it is decorated with a fringe, since such a decor looks very appropriate in this version.
  • When everything is ready, you can begin to create scuffs. You make them with sandpaper or a regular kitchen grater.

Denim shorts are a basic element of every girl’s wardrobe. They conquer with their convenience and a very stylish appearance. In order to have fashionable shorts, without spending a lot of money, you need to rummage in your closet and find a pair of jeans that you have not worn for a long time. Using the above tips and tricks, you can create several trendy models at once. And if you attach a little more imagination and creativity, you will get products of individual tailoring and design, which are so in demand today.

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