How to remove the smell from shoes 🥝 what to do so that shoes, shoes, boots inside do not smell

We all wear shoes, but over time, it accumulates a smell that does not bring pleasant sensations to you or others. What to do so that the boots do not smell bad? What to do if the shoes stink, you will find out by reading this article.

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Why does shoes stink?

Shoes smell for many reasons:

  • if it is new, it smells like glue and packaging or the material from which it is made;
  • if your shoes are already worn, they can produce an unpleasant odor due to bacteria that have appeared due to the formation of sweat, dirt or the presence of fungus on the feet.
  • if it is made of low-quality material, the legs do not “breathe” in it - because of this, a strong and pungent odor very quickly appears.

Important! First, find out the cause of the smell, then you can safely get rid of the problem using the tips below. If the reason is precisely the poor quality of the materials, then it is best to radically approach the solution of the problem. Read articles:

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Stinks shoes - what to do?

When we buy new shoes, often even in the store we do not pay attention to its smell, and when we get home we find that the new shoes give off quite a tangible “aroma”, and far from the most pleasant one. If you do not want to go with such a train, the first thing you should do is to air it:

  1. Remove shoes from packaging.
  2. Take out all the fillers.
  3. Put at night on the balcony.

Important! If this method does not work, try the following options using improvised tools. Also, our detailed overview of pro shoes will help you improve the properties of your shoes and increase your comfort when wearing shoes.shoe polish

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Method 1

If your shoes are of high quality and you have been wearing them for a long time, then you just need to thoroughly clean them. Follow the detailed workshop to make a goodwash leather shoes.

You can go the other way, if the shoes stink, and you are not sure that she will survive a thorough wash:

  1. Make a weak aqueous solution of peroxide or potassium permanganate.
  2. Use a cotton pad to clean the entire inner surface.

Note: These drugs have disinfecting properties and often help to quickly stop the problem.


Method 2

Use any absorbents: activated carbon, flour, baking soda, sawdust for the toilet of animals. They absorb odor and excess moisture. Using them is easier than ever:

  1. Pour the powder inside the shoe and leave for several hours.
  2. Vacuum thoroughly after a lapse of time.

Note: Use charcoal carefully as it may leave black marks. Better place it in a separate bag, which put inside the shoes.


Method 3

Vinegar and ammonia will come to your aid in getting rid of unwanted odors, including if the shoes smell of sweat. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Soak a few cotton pads in vinegar, squeeze slightly so as not to over-moisten the material.
  2. Wipe the entire inner surface.
  3. Wait 2-3 hours.
  4. Wipe with an aqueous solution of ammonia, mixing the ingredients in a ratio of 1: 1.
  5. Put on ventilation.


Method 4

Purchase a special deodorant for shoes in the store and carry out the processing inside, following the instructions on the package.

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Method 5

The main culprit of the smell is most often the fungus on the feet. Cope with this ailment and at the same time sanitize your shoes with an old proven tool - boric acid. It is applied as follows:

  1. Do daily foot baths with acid diluted in water.
  2. After the procedure, put on cotton socks.
  3. Wipe the infected shoes with the preparation at night.
  4. Repeat the procedure for a couple of weeks.

Note: This method is so effective that it even helps if sneakers stink.


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What to do if used shoes stink?

So that you no longer have to feel embarrassed in public places, and the smell of your legs still doesn’t go away, for example, due to the peculiarities of the body and stable increased sweating, which is difficult to treat, follow these recommendations:

  1. Dry and clean your shoes more often.
  2. Get a special electric dryer that has the function of ultraviolet exposure - it disinfects shoes and kills the smell.
  3. Make homemade dryers from old newspapers - they absorb moisture well.
  4. Dry the insoles and change every day.
  5. Try not to dry your shoes near heating appliances - from such processing any material deteriorates and cannot be worn for a long time.
  6. Put tangerine or lemon peels (any citrus fruits) overnight inside.
  7. Get in the store a special set of scented balls for shoes “Fix price” - they have a pleasant aroma of mint and lemon.
  8. Make a strong infusion of green tea and rinse them with shoes. This action eliminates odor and provides you with sterility.
  9. If your feet sweat a lot, use Timur Ointment - you can buy it at any pharmacy.
  10. Buy a cream for sweating legs “Lavelin” - it fights against germs that cause the smell of sweat.
  11. The usual antiperspirant for the armpits will reduce the sweating of the legs, treat the feet with the preparation before putting on socks or tights.
  12. Put smelling shoes in a plastic bag, put in a freezer and leave overnight (this method is not suitable for patent shoes).
  13. If there are animals in the house and the shoes smell not only afterwards, but also in urine, get Odorgon odor remedy - it does not mask the smell, but absorbs it without leaving a trace.

Do you have a washing machine? Fine! Then this is the perfect solution to your problem. Take advantage of our tips,how to wash shoes in a washing machine!


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Useful Tips

  1. Carefully monitor foot hygiene every day.
  2. Change socks or pantyhose daily.
  3. Give preference to socks made of natural materials.
  4. Wear shoes according to the weather.
  5. Use after washing your feet with deodorizing cream.
  6. Make baths from a solution of potassium permanganate or vinegar.
  7. Do not stay in closed shoes for a long time, make it a rule at work to change shoes in open shoes to allow your legs to breathe.
  8. Use special antibacterial insoles with antiseptic properties, they keep smelly shoes fresh for a long time.
  9. Buy two pairs of shoes for each season so that you can dry thoroughly, and only in a suitable size.
  10. Sneakers, sneakers and slippers can be washed, light summer shoes wipe with warm water and soap.
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Follow these rules to get rid of the smell if your shoes stink and your legs will always feel comfortable.

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