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Black spiders in the house, whose photos scare away many, in life catch up with even greater fear. Often they cause disgust, and I want to get rid of them as soon as possible. Next to people like to live several types of domestic spiders. Are spiders in the house dangerous for humans? How to get rid of such “neighbors” quickly and forever? You will learn the answers to these questions in this article.

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How to recognize a black spider?

What are the varieties and names of black spiders living in Russia? All domestic arthropods settle next to humans because they love warmth and dryness. Poisonous and gray spiders, how to identify them? You can identify a black spider by the following signs:

  1. the body length of the arachnid is 14-16 mm;
  2. its web is like a pipe;
  3. the creature can always be found on the web - the female is never excommunicated and is always ready to hunt.

It is not only black spiders in the house that create discomfort and anxiety, photos of which you can see below. In addition to these individuals, several more arthropod species often settle in apartments. The most common species are: “haymaker” and “tramp”.

You can distinguish the “haymaker” by the following signs:

  • body length - 1 cm, the length of the legs reaches 5 cm;
  • the web looks chaotic and erratic;
  • such a spider settles in dark corners and near windows.

Another species is a tramp spider. He enters the house through open windows, doors. It differs by signs:

  • long legs and body;
  • does not weave a web - the victim catches up with a powerful jump and injects paralyzing poison;
  • for a long time in one room does not linger.

Important! in our natural environment, a bite is harmless to humans. If you live in a hot climatic zone, then the bite of a tramp spider causes inflammation of the skin and general poisoning.

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Are spiders in the house dangerous?

Domestic spiders do almost no harm to human health. They rarely attack such a big sacrifice. If nevertheless he bit you, protecting the offspring or himself, then the wound should be treated with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol-containing preparations for disinfection.

Important! You should be alerted by a situation when arthropods are many and they are all of a different kind. This may indicate that in your home there are favorable conditions for their life - a lot of suitable food. As you know, they feed on small insects: flies, cockroaches, bugs, etc. Therefore, a large number of spiders can be judged on the cleanliness and hygiene of the house.

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How to get rid of black spiders in the house?

If you find that black spiders have settled in your house, get rid of them immediately! Especially if you have small children in your house, there are many arachnids and the population is growing. There are several options for cleaning the room from arthropods.

Important! In some cases, it is enough to carry out one procedure, and sometimes you need to apply all possible options in order to get rid of black spiders in the house - how this can be done quickly and with minimal time and effort, will help you understand the instructions below and the photos below.

Option number 1

Cleaning the web with your own hands can completely save you from black spiders in the house, if there are not many of them. The instruction is:

  1. Take it with a vacuum cleaner or a broom.
  2. Try to remove the web with the owner.
  3. After cleaning the web, get rid of the spider.
  4. Shake out the dustbin or broom over the toilet if you used it.

Option number 2

If the population is growing, then they managed to lay eggs. Urgent action:

  1. Inspect all inaccessible places.
  2. Use a damp cloth to collect all the eggs.
  3. Rinse the fabric with running water, or rather throw it away.

Important! In order not to be so unpleasant and squeamish to perform this work, use protective gloves.


Option number 3

The presence of food suitable for them can support the reproduction of the population and the increase in the number of individuals. What this situation can lead to, you can see in the photo black big spiders in the house.

Try to prevent aggravation. For this:

  1. Find out what arthropods can eat in your home.
  2. Get rid of these insects.

Important! After such a procedure, you will no longer wonder: are spiders dangerous to humans? You will remove together with spiders and other harmful insects, which means that your further stay in your own home will be comfortable and safe.

Option number 4

If after trying the proposed cleaning options at home, black spiders still live with you, make repairs. Arthropods and other domestic insects cannot stand the smell of paint and other building materials. Covering even minor gaps, you further protect your home from the invasion of black and other arachnids.

Important! To prevent the appearance of black spiders in the house, conduct regular wet cleaning. Vacuum, wipe off the dust and get rid of the smallest signs of cobwebs on walls and corners.

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Now you know how to distinguish a black spider from other arthropods. Remember, for a healthy person they are not dangerous, but the proximity to arachnids is not comfortable and indicates a lack of cleanliness and the presence of other harmful insects in the house. Get rid of those and others immediately, using our tips so as not to worry about yourself and your loved ones!

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