How to clean bronze

Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin that is susceptible to oxidation. If it is not protected from moisture, a green coating forms on its surface. The question arises: how to clean the bronze? Our experts have prepared a list of tips for you, using which you can efficiently and safely clean the necessary bronze items with your own hands, without involving jewelers.

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How to clean bronze?

How to clean bronzeTo carry out the procedure for cleaning yuronzovye objects at home, you will need such improvised means:

  • lemon juice;
  • baking soda;
  • flour;
  • salt;
  • vinegar;
  • ammonia;
  • oxalic acid;
  • chicory powder;
  • acetone;
  • peas;
  • sulphuric acid;
  • a piece of chalk;
  • sawdust.

It is also advisable to arm yourself with the right equipment and protective equipment - these are:

  • protective gloves;
  • Bowl;
  • napkins;
  • wool rags;
  • cloth rag.
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How to clean bronze at home?

To clean the brass, how to solve the problem of how and how to clean the bronze, it is advisable not to use any chemicals, and periodically rub the products with a flannel rag. But in the event that the item is already dirty, you can clean brass or an alloy similar in characteristics to one of the following methods.

Method 1

Cleaning bronze at home will not bring you much trouble if you use chicory as follows:

  1. Take chicory powder.
  2. Mix the substance with water until a pasty mass.
  3. Apply the resulting mixture to the product.
  4. Brush the surface of the item.
  5. Rinse with clean water.
  6. Dry it.

Method 2

The cleaning of brass products that are flies and dusty is carried out in this way:

  1. Put the thing in a pot of peas.
  2. Fill it with water.
  3. Put on fire for a couple of hours.
  4. Remove the item from the boiler.
  5. Put in warm water.
  6. Rub with a soft brush to remove any remaining peas.
  7. Take out the item and wipe it with a soft, dry cloth.

Method 3

Restore the luster and gloss of a bronze item with lemon juice and baking soda. Apply them in the following order:

  1. Rinse off dust and dust with warm water.
  2. Take the container and put in it 2 tbsp. baking soda.
  3. Squeeze a little lemon juice into it.
  4. Stir the ingredients until smooth.
  5. Wear gloves.
  6. Apply the mixture to the product.
  7. Rub it with a rag in a circular motion until the spots disappear.
  8. Leave the gruel on the subject for 20 minutes.
  9. Wash it off with warm water.
  10. Dry with a clean cloth.
  11. Repeat the procedure if necessary.

Method 4

You can clean brass and bronze using vinegar, salt and flour. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Rinse the item to be cleaned in warm water and wipe it dry.
  2. Mix the flour and salt in equal proportions.
  3. Put a little vinegar in the mixture.
  4. Mix the ingredients thoroughly until a homogeneous slurry is obtained.
  5. Lubricate the contaminated item.
  6. Rub it with a soft cloth.
  7. Leave the mixture on the surface for another 30 minutes.
  8. Rinse with warm water and wipe dry with a clean, soft cloth.
  9. Repeat the procedure as necessary.

Method 5

How to clean bronzeUse acetone to clean the bronze, as this liquid can restore the original appearance of this alloy. Follow these steps:

  1. Take a cotton swab.
  2. Moisten it with acetone.
  3. Wipe the stains.
  4. Rinse the product with water.
  5. Dry and polish.

Method 6

For deep brass cleaning at home, use oxalic acid.

In this case, prepare the following solution:

  1. Pour 10 liters of water.
  2. Add 200 ml of oxalic acid to it.
  3. Carefully move the resulting solution.
  4. Put the brass item in it.
  5. Watch the darkening process.
  6. Take out the item.
  7. Rinse it with running water.
  8. Wipe dry.

Important! With this tool, you will completely get rid of the old traces of oxide on almost any item made of brass or bronze.

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How to clean brass coins?

If you have a whole collection of coins, the question arises over time: how to clean a brass coin so as not to damage the metal and not reduce the value of the product. It is possible to perform the cleaning procedure at home, if you know how and what to clean bronze and brass. Choose and apply the methods most suitable for you from those offered below.

Method 1

  1. Take Trilon-B - a brass cleaner.
  2. Dissolve it in warm boiled water in a ratio of 1:10.
  3. Place the coin in the resulting solution - the exposure period depends on the state of the coin.
  4. Rinse the coin occasionally under a stream of warm water and wipe gently with a rag.
  5. Place again in the solution.
  6. Remove, rinse thoroughly with water.
  7. Put the item to dry on a soft cloth.

Important! When using this method, work with gloves and remove the coin with tweezers.

Method 2

Another optimal option in order to quickly solve the problem of how to clean bronze and brass:

  1. Take ammonia.
  2. Pour into any convenient small container.
  3. Put a coin there and leave for a while.
  4. Remove the product with tweezers.
  5. Rinse thoroughly with running water.
  6. Put to dry on a towel.

Method 3

GOI paste is also used for cleaning coins, but this tool is not recommended for the processing of rare and expensive coins. This tool can wipe small parts and even, in some cases, erase the relief. But, if you have a regular coin, you can easily give it a shine with this paste.

Important! Instructions for use are attached to the drug - be sure to read it before use!

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Useful Tips:

  • Remove tarnishing from bronze by immersing the product in table salt, then rubbing it with half a lemon.
  • Acetic acid will remove strong tarnishing if it is heated in a stainless steel bowl and placed in the product. After the cleaning procedure, do not forget to rinse the bronze object with running water and polish it.
  • Toothpaste is easy to polish bronze. Put it on a cotton cloth, rub the product in a circular motion over the entire surface, then rinse and dry.
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Now you know how and how to clean brass and bronze, and this procedure will not take you much effort. But remember! So that for a much longer time a product from this metal will delight you with its brilliance, do not forget to care for it properly!

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