Calculation of the number of wallpaper strips for pasting a room

Each of us periodically makes repairs in our housing. One of the simple ways to update the interior is to re-wallpaper. Our calculator will simplify your task a bit by counting the number of strips of wallpaper needed to paste the room. If you enter such simple values ​​as the width and length of the room, the width of windows and doors, as well as designate the width of the roll of wallpaper, the program will calculate the required number of stripes.

You can enter not only integers, but also decimal fractions, but instead of a comma put a point (eg 15.3).

Room Width, m
Room Length, m
Width of windows, m
Door Width, m
Roll Width, m

Stock footage

We hope that you will make the repair very high quality and we have helped to save you at least a little time that you will spend profitably!

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