How to seal a hole in a down jacket?

Gaps in clothes do not bring joy to anyone. If you suddenly burned a cigarette or a down jacket broke, the question immediately arises: what to do? If a cut came from somewhere on the sleeve of your favorite jacket, or did a cigarette butt fall from a neighbor’s balcony? Throwing out good, albeit slightly damaged, clothes I don’t feel like at all, and not every city has a workshop. There is only one way out - to try to quietly repair the thing with your own hands. How to seal and remove a hole in the down jacket - you will learn from our article.

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Inspect the clothes

Damage is known to be different. With some - you can cope without much difficulty, with others - have to tinker and show a lot of ingenuity.

Before closing a hole in the down jacket, carefully inspect the thing and soberly assess the size of the disaster. There are holes:

  • in the form of smooth cuts;
  • in the form of cuts with a small battered hole at the end;
  • in the form of a tan with a small hole;
  • in the form of a hole with smooth or uneven edges.


A flat incision most often occurs where the tissue simply burst. Maybe this place was a crease or a crease. This is the simplest case, regardless of the location of the damage. The place of gluing, if you do everything carefully, in any case it will turn out to be inconspicuous.

It is much worse if you run into a nail, resulting in a “laceration” plus a relatively even gap. In this case, a lot depends on the place, and you have to act in one of two ways:

  • in an inconspicuous place - sew up or stick up;
  • if the hole is perfectly visible - you have to disguise it.

Important! Holes with smooth and uneven edges, as well as tan marks, are also eliminated in two ways - by patch and application.

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We prepare materials and tools

Having been puzzled how to seal down a down jacket at home, prepare the necessary materials and tools. You may find it useful:

  • a piece of fabric from a down jacket;
  • a piece of fabric of the same color and similar quality;
  • a piece of fabric with an adhesive layer;
  • glue;
  • threads in fabric color;
  • sewing supplies;
  • tweezers;
  • labels or stickers, buttons, short zippers.


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Where to get the fabric for a patch?

Before sticking a hole on the down jacket, try to remember if there was a patch of the same fabric in the plastic bag that is attached to the label. Unfortunately, now some manufacturers do not consider it necessary to sell their products with pieces of the same fabric, but sometimes it is done periodically.

If there was no patch or you cannot find it, well - you have to get out of the situation in other ways. Choose material that is similar in color and quality.

Important! Buying a whole section is not necessary - you can see sets for beginner needlewomen in the store, there are often shreds, including those that are suitable for your purposes.


A very good option is a fabric with an adhesive layer. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to choose the color, but sometimes it succeeds. In this case, you do not need glue.

Important! In a completely hopeless situation, when none of the material at hand is even close, you can take a small piece from the jacket itself, from an inconspicuous place (for example, cut it from the inside of the pocket).

If, after a thorough inspection of the defect, you understand that it is unlikely that you will be able to do something with it, you will definitely be interested in our articles:


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How to repair a cut on the down jacket if it does not work? Need, of course, glue, but not any. PVA is completely useless in this situation. You will find the right composition without difficulty. For repairing a down jacket are suitable:

  • rubber;
  • “Moment 88” or “Crystal”;
  • "Second";
  • acrylic.

Important! The glue should be colorless!


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We repair a cut

A flat cut is the most harmless option. It can be eliminated in two ways:

  • to sew up;
  • stick up.

We sew

How to sew a hole on a down jacket? Like any other long hole with smooth edges. Can be used:

  • manual seam;
  • machine seam “zigzag”.

Important! This option is possible if there are threads that are ideally suited in color to the fabric or to the stitch, and the cut itself was formed not in the most noticeable place.


Option 1:

  1. Thread the thread into a regular needle so that one end is longer than the other.
  2. Tie a knot at the long end.
  3. Withdraw the needle from the wrong side to the end of the incision.
  4. Sew a few transverse stitches very close together, grabbing both edges of the cut.
  5. Sew the main part of the hole with a seam “goat”, with small stitches, placing them almost flush.
  6. At the other end of the cut, make several transverse stitches in the same way as at the beginning.
  7. Fasten the thread and hide the end under the stitches.

Option 2

If you have a sewing machine (of any type), just stitch the place of the cut with a “zigzag” seam, and bring the ends of the thread to the wrong side and fasten.

Important! If the incision appeared in a prominent place, but it can only be sewn up, make a symmetrical imitation on the other hand. <

down jacket3

Seal the cut

If you decide how to close a cut on a down jacket, but don’t know how to sew, then you’ll have to eliminate the flaw with glue. Moreover, it is easiest to get rid of an even cut.

Important! It is not at all necessary to look for exactly the fabric of the same color as the down jacket - you will be quite satisfied with the braid, and crepe or satin ribbon.

We proceed to repair the down jacket with our own hands:

  1. Cut a piece of fabric that is close in color and quality - this should be a strip longer than the cut by about 1 cm.
  2. Lubricate the front of the strip with glue.
  3. Insert it into the cut and straighten it - the edges of the strip should extend beyond the ends of the gap.
  4. Align the edges of the cut.
  5. Press the parts firmly against each other (you can put the iron on top, but do not turn it on).

Important! To insert a flap under the main layer is best with tweezers.

Absolutely no ways help? Dont be upset!

Show your creativity with our helpful tips to get a completely new thing with an interesting design. Take a look at the step-by-step workshophow to make a vest from a jacket at home.


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Uneven hole

Doing a down jacket with your own hands will take a little longer if a hole with uneven edges is formed. The hole can be eliminated only with the help of a patch:

  1. Cut the uneven edges of the hole so that they become even.
  2. Remove shredded threads.
  3. Remove excess fluff (this is easiest to do with the most common scotch tape - the fluff adheres perfectly to it).
  4. Cut a patch that should be slightly larger than the hole.
  5. Coat the edges of the patch with glue.
  6. Let the glue dry a little.
  7. Put the patch in the hole.
  8. Glue it inside and straighten it.
  9. Press the parts down with a heavy object.
  10. Leave the glue to dry - it will take about six hours.

Important! The front side of the patch is smeared with glue.


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Adhesive Fabric

You can answer the question of how to fix a torn down jacket at home in a needlework store. It sells fabric with an adhesive base. If the edges of the hole fit together, you can't imagine anything better.You don’t need to trim the edges, just cut out a patch that is larger than a hole, and then:

  1. Put the patch under the base layer with the adhesive layer up.
  2. Spread the edges of the hole so that they touch.
  3. Iron the entire structure with a hot iron.


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Stickers and applique

How to make a patch on a down jacket if the hole is too big? There is no other way but to disguise it with some decorative element. The patch itself is done in any convenient way. It can be:

  • stick on;
  • sew on.

Important! Since there will be a decoration on top, it does not matter how the patch itself looks. The hole can be sealed in the same way as a small hole with smooth edges, and closed with a decorative element on top, but you can also make a classic patch.


First, the application and the down jacket itself must be prepared:

  1. Choose a sticker with an embroidery or applique that is suitable in shape and size - it should completely cover the hole.
  2. Prepare the hole itself too - trim the edges, cut the excess thread
  3. Sew a decorative patch around the edge with a basting seam.
  4. Stitch the item.

khaki down jacket

Design ideas

Despite the fact that stickers and chevrons can now be seen on almost any part of the body, there are still places on clothes where they will not look very good. It will become clear to every person that the sticker is not at all a fad, but is hiding something. In this case, it is better to mask the holes with other elements.

In general, a “repair kit” can be assembled from anything. See what you have:

  • Velcro
  • eyelets;
  • reflective tape;
  • braid;
  • metal or plastic buttons.



The braid, unlike the sticker, will look stylish anywhere. For example, on the floors, if one of them is damaged, you can sew two symmetrical “patches”, that is, two pieces of braid.

Important! Such strips can be arranged both crosswise and in the form of some kind of pattern - in short, there are enough options. The braid can be of different widths, in the tone of the jacket or contrasting.

down jacket2

Reflective tape

Fashionable and very comfortable item. With it, you can immediately kill two birds with one stone - to disguise a hole and make your clothes more consistent with safety rules in the city.

Important! Already it can be sewn as you like - only on a hole, in different places around the down jacket - but at least around the perimeter.

Short zipper

If you have a long hole with relatively even edges on the sleeve, chest or floors - you can put a short zipper in tone. It can be alone, but nothing prevents creating symmetry.

Important! There are other options - for example, pieces of fabric with buttons stuffed on them.

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Stock footage

Interesting fashionable options are sometimes born from scratch when an unexpected element appears in clothes. Maybe you are destined to become the pioneer of a new fashion for down jackets? For example, if you close the patch with a Velcro label or along the edge of a long cut, make an imitation of the lacing. Boldly, experiment, and any of your things, even in the most deplorable situation, can serve you for a long time!

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