How to decorate shoes with your own hands? Method Details

All the fair sex are quite mysterious, so it is sometimes difficult for girls to please even the most expensive, stylish, unusual shoes. We all want an exclusive - such boots, shoes or sandals, which no one else has. What to do? Seek help from a designer so that he creates some unique jewelry for boots? Not at all necessary if you know how to decorate shoes with your own hands. A detailed description of the possible changes will be described in the article below.

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How to decorate new or old rubber boots?

If you don’t have rubber boots yet, you can purchase the most ordinary plain ones and decorate them with hand-painted. For work, you should prepare the following set:

  • Stencil.
  • Sandpaper.
  • Car paint, rubber spray or acrylic paint.

In detail, how to decorate rubber boots with your own hands is as follows:

  1. Before applying paint, rub the boots a little with sandpaper, be sure to degrease the surface.
  2. Apply the outline of the pattern to the base, then paint it with acrylic paints.
  3. Let the paint dry, fix it on top with a clear varnish.

Important! As an ornament, you can use strict geometric shapes, butterflies, bright flowers, snowflakes - whatever you want. Without even knowing how to draw well, you can decorate your boots or hide any defects. Inks are applied using a stencil, which you can make yourself.

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How to decorate suede boots?

If you have a pair of suede boots in the closet, then you will like the idea of ​​updating your shoes yourself with improvised materials. With the help of an ordinary sweater, you can turn them into high boots. A lot of money for the implementation of this idea is not required, but what the result will be.

Important! If you already wore these boots before, first clean them of dirt, then be sure to dry them.

Using acrylic paint, it is also necessary to tint all defects. By the way, you can also take a sweater is not new, even torn.

Prepare the following materials:

  • Old sweater.
  • Faux fur, about 50 cm.
  • Long scissors.
  • Blade or clerical knife.
  • Three elastic bands for hair black.
  • Large buttons 6 pcs.
  • Ruler or centimeter.
  • Pins
  • Thread and needle.
  • Sewing machine.


Alteration of shoes with their own hands using improvised materials occurs according to the following scheme:

  • Using a centimeter, measure the required pad height and calf volume.
  • Transfer the received data to paper. Make a pattern, cut it out.
  • Put the finished pattern on faux fur and a sweater. On each side, add 1 cm.
  • Cut out the details so that you get two knitted details and 2 pieces of faux fur.

Important! It is better to cut the fur with a blade, because scissors in this case will not work.

  • It is recommended to cut it from the inside out. Put more newspapers on the table first so as not to damage the furniture.
  • Place the pieces of fur alternately on the pieces of the sweater, facing each other. Align the edges. Pin around the perimeter with pins. At the bottom of each part, leave a place that is not pinned, about 10-15 cm. Then we will use it for turning it out.
  • Cut all the elastic bands in half.Then fold each of them in half, making a loop. Put the loop inward between the fur and the knit from the side with the tip out.
  • Measure the distance between all the loops using a centimeter or ruler. It is important that it be the same. As a result, you will get three loops on each of the two parts. These will be buttonholes.
  • Sew the parts around the perimeter, leaving holes for turning out.
  • Carefully cut all corners, slightly not reaching the seams. This is done in order to avoid bulging corners.
  • Turn all parts to the front with a pencil.
  • Turn the non-sewn edges inwards, stitch them with a blind stitch.
  • Bend every detail, mark places for attaching buttons.
  • Sew buttons on the tags. Wrap the pads around the boots, fasten them.

High boots are ready!

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How to decorate ankle boots?

Ankle boots can be called quite stylish shoes that have not gone out of fashion for many years. The warmed models just look great on the legs in the offseason and frosty winter. If you have ankle boots in your wardrobe, but they have lost their presentation, feel free to get them! Now we will learn how to update our boots with our own hands.

Prepare for work:

  • Tassels.
  • Acrylic paint is black or dark gray, gold and red-brown.
  • Sponge for washing dishes.
  • Glue.
  • Green paint that creates the effect of glass.


Further, strictly adhere to the instructions so that the finished decor of the boots with your own hands will turn out to be really stylish, bright, original:

  1. Take the dark gray acrylic paint, with a brush paint the heel and the heel of the ankle boots.
  2. Let the shoe dry for several hours. If you don’t have time to wait so long, then blow dry it with a hairdryer.
  3. Next, use a sponge to apply gold acrylic paint with light movements on the upper material, on the heel and heel. Rub the drops with a brush.
  4. Take a sponge and red-brown paint. Work on the heel and back. Then with the same paint, paint the strips near the metal loops for the laces.
  5. It's time to make a print. Find the original drawing with flowers, transfer it to paper or draw by hand. Pick paints for painting flowers.
  6. To create convex surfaces, use contours with a glass effect. On the inside, paint the picture with green sparkles. Leave to dry for a day.
  7. From velor or velveteen, cut strips so that they are slightly wider than the knitted top of the boots. Sew the edges and sew on the knitted top.
  8. Pick up beads from faux pearls to size. Sew them along the bottom edge of the velvet ribbon. Glue.
  9. From the same material, cut strips for laces and sew. Sew a bead to the end of each lace.
  10. Sew artificial pebbles between the stitch loops.

Here so easily and simply appear drawings on shoes. With your own hands, applying them is quite simple, and not only on ankle boots, but also on boots, shoes, sneakers.

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How to decorate winter boots yourself?

Next, we will familiarize ourselves with a master class on how to decorate felt boots with your own hands with minimal time and financial costs. For decoration, you will need a cotton fabric, resistant glue, a blade, scotch tape and old boots.

Important! Changes affect only the heel and tongue.

Follow the instructions:

  1. To remove the pattern for cotton material, glue over the places that you want to decorate with tape.
  2. Then transfer this tape to cotton.
  3. Cut parts from fabric.
  4. Apply glue directly in the center of the fabric, press firmly to the shoe and glue.
  5. Cut the excess with a blade.
  6. Blot the edges of the fabric and glue.

Important! Do-it-yourself modern shoe design can be done not only with the help of fabric, colors, but also beautiful pearl beads, white and colored rhinestones, brightly shimmering in the sun. Even the drawing itself can be laid out by them. All the necessary tools and materials can be purchased quite inexpensively at any fabric and accessories store.

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As you can see, giving a second life to your shoes is very simple and fun. We hope that you managed to do everything carefully, and you are absolutely happy with the result of your work!

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