How to straighten a dent 🥝 and creases on sneakers, boots, boots

Leather shoes are always at the peak of popularity and price. This material is breathable, durable, light in heat and warm in cold. But often ugly folds and creases appear on a favorite pair of shoes. This significantly spoils the appearance of the shoe and your mood. How to remove creases on leather shoes? How to straighten, smooth and even out dents? There are several simple ways to solve this problem, and we will consider them in this article.

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Rules for the operation of leather shoes

But everyone knows one simple truth: it’s easier to prevent a problem than to fix it. Therefore, to begin with, let's figure out what can be done in order to prevent such problems:

  • Buy shoes or shoes, carefully picking them on the foot.
  • Use shoes exclusively for the cases for which they are intended. Wonderful leather shoes will not let you down if you suddenly fall in the rain, but you should not rely on water-repellent impregnations and pull the car out of the puddle in these same shoes.

Important! If you like to wear expensive shoes made of delicate leather, then you should have a spare pair in different places (at work, at the cottage, in the car). Model shoes are not intended for regular walks in puddles.

  • Remove and shoe shoes carefully and gently. Use a special horn for this. Before removing or putting on shoes, unfasten all fasteners and fasteners.
  • Try to have several pairs of shoes in your wardrobe for one season. There should be at least two pairs in the toe, more, but not less, for the shoes to rest. The thing is that in a day moisture accumulates in the shoes, which in one night does not have time to completely dry out, and in the morning you put on wet shoes that cannot warm you.

Important! Wet skin stretches significantly more. Daily wearing of the same pair deforms it and leads to the formation of ugly folds and creases.

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Care Rules

It is necessary not only to wear shoes correctly, but also to give them some time to care for the materials so that you do not have to think how to remove creases on leather shoes. All these procedures can be brought to automatism, instilled in yourself as a good habit, then for you this will be something quite natural, and not a routine daily duty.

So, so that there are no wrinkles on the shoes, follow these recommendations:

  • If you have expensive model shoes, then when you don’t wear it, it is better to insert pads into it. They absorb the moisture accumulated in the skin and straighten the creases formed during the wear process.

Important! It is better to use blocks of cedar, beech, mahogany, as varieties of wood absorb moisture best. You can use a cheaper way - stuff shoes with paper. In this case, the paper needs to be changed periodically.

  • Clean your shoes immediately upon arrival. Do not allow dirt and dust to soak.
  • After cleaning, the shoes must be properly dried. Nourishing and protective products must be applied to completely dry skin. Drying should be carried out in a well-ventilated area, and a cool place is more preferable than dry and hot.

Important! Never dry your shoes near heating appliances or in direct sunlight.

  • You need to store shoes in boxes or in special bags for shoes. Only well-dried products can be stored.
  • Do not wear a wet or poorly dried pair of shoes. In the best case, your shoes will stretch, in the worst, they will become deformed, and you will make yourself calluses or colds.
  • Do not wash your leather shoes by immersing them whole in water. If you still do not know how to do it correctly so as not to damage the material, you have a great opportunity to fix this defect. Follow the link where all possible options are described in detail,how to wash leather shoes.
  • Do not use silicone sponges in the care of leather products. Silicone does not care for your leather shoes and does not protect it from anything. It simply creates a short-lived shine on the surface, and a few minutes after going outside, this shine is replaced by a film of dust and dirt. The fact is that silicone, like a magnet, attracts dust particles to itself.

Important! Avoid cleaning products that contain acids or harsh soaps. These substances can age your skin and cause creases on your shoes, and you will have to think about how to fix this problem.

These are general rules, but there are also additional nuances when it comes to ideas about winter boots or boots. And it is also advisable for you to know if you do not want to change a pair of good shoes every year. Therefore, we devoted a separate article to exactly what should bewinter shoe care. Read it now!

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If defects are minor

In principle, there is nothing complicated in smoothing the skin on different products, because with proper care this material is soft, flexible. And those same defects appear just as a result of coarseness, respectively - all your actions should initially be aimed at softening, and then at eliminating aesthetic nuances.

How to remove creases on leather shoes, if they are, but not yet so pronounced? There are some simple, but at the same time effective solutions:

  • If the room is small, then you can remove shoes or shoes, stuff them tightly with paper, and then grease with shoe polish. If you have light shoes or boots, then use milk.
  • To make the creases on the shoes less noticeable, lubricate them well with shoe wax. A thoroughshoe painting

Important! So that the result of repainting the shoes is what you expected, first check out which one is more suitable paint for leather shoes in composition and from which manufacturer it is better to buy such funds.

  • You can smear the folds with a lot of emollient cream, so that the skin becomes soft and they do not peel. After 15 minutes, fill your boots or boots with paper and lay on your side. Leave in this position for several days. Lubricate with cream twice a day. Before you get out the paper, remove the remaining cream and polish the surface with wax.

Important! Castor oil, glycerin are also well suited as a softener.

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For large defects

If strong wrinkles have formed on your beloved pair, then there is a more radical way, how to remove creases on your favorite shoes. To do this, you need a dense rag and iron. You can use a microfiber cloth.

What do we have to do:

  1. Fill the shoe with paper or rags to keep it in good shape.
  2. Moisten a rag thoroughly, let the water drain or wring it so that it is not wet but well moist.
  3. Cover the boot with a damp cloth, leave for a while, so that the skin is slightly moistened.
  4. Set the iron to medium power. Test on a rag: if it has not suffered, then you can proceed. Iron your shoe through a damp cloth.
  5. After this procedure, the folds should decrease or even disappear completely.
  6. Dry your shoes without removing the packing.
  7. If the result did not satisfy you, the procedure can be repeated.

Almost any shoe defect can be repaired at home. And so that possible troubles do not take you by surprise, find out how to repair shoes with your own hands.

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In this article, we have offered you several solutions to your problem. We hope that by applying one or more of the tools, you were able to restore the beautiful appearance of your shoes, boots, boots, and now you are more careful about them.

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