How to soften the skin on shoes?

Leather products are always popular - they are fashionable and comfortable, but you can often hear questions about how to soften the skin on shoes or how to soften a leather jacket. It is very convenient to look after shoes, clothes and accessories made of leather, and wearing is a pleasure. Another advantage of such things is and will be that they do not need to be washed, and only surface cleaning will be sufficient.

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Types of skin

There are a huge number of varieties of leather that are used for sewing jackets and shoes:

  • Smooth - the most sought-after look of classic leather.
  • Lacquer is a type of material with a shiny surface. It is obtained by coating with varnish, based on polyurethane resins.
  • Nappa is a tanned leather with high plasticity and even coloring.
  • Suede - this type of material is processed on both sides, which gives it a roughness and special softness.
  • Stretch - the material is made of thin animal skin on a special fabric, which makes it very elastic, but at the same time durable.
  • Velor is a type of material for the upper part of the shoe that has undergone chrome tanning.
  • Nubuck - This is leather that has undergone chrome tanning, which is obtained by grinding with small abrasive materials on the front side to give an elegant look.
  • Socks are a lightweight material for clothes and shoes.
  • Chevro is the most expensive kind of skin.
  • Chevret - also chrome tanning, but from a young sheepskin obtained from half-fine and fine-wool sheep breeds.
  • Calfskin - consists of thin fibers. It is used exactly when you need to achieve the classic structure of smooth skin.
  • Artificial is a fake for genuine leather that is used in all areas - from shoes and haberdashery to clothing.

Important! Genuine leather perfectly tolerates water - this property is due to a special moisture-repellent impregnation. If there is heavy rain outside, then your clothes and you are not threatened with getting wet. Of course, there are cases when moisture can still penetrate into the middle of the product. As a result, after drying, the material is compacted and becomes uncomfortable to wear.

Suede and other, more delicate types of leather do not tolerate dirt and moisture at all, therefore it is much more difficult to care for them and cause hardening of the material very quickly. But even if this happens, do not rush to throw away spoiled things. There are several ways to soften the skin on shoes and on a jacket.

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How to soften the skin on shoes?

Each of us has things in our wardrobe such as leather shoes. The new shoes we bought sometimes bring a lot of trouble, for example, rubbing our feet, after which they can even remain on our skin wounds and corns. It becomes even more offensive when they bought breathtaking shoes from the latest collection, but could not dress. And here we often ask ourselves the question of how to soften the skin on shoes. Such funds exist - they will be discussed below.

Professional skin softeners

Almost all shoe manufacturers also produce a line of special care products for it. Many of these products are designed to remove the problem - softening hard and rough skin. Most often presented in the form of sprays, which are used in this way:

  1. Spray onto problematic shoes, namely the inside of the shoe and the outside.
  2. Leave for a while - as a result, the spray should be absorbed.
  3. Remember a little problem areas.

Important! To soften or stretch the shoes, you need to put the shoes wet from the spray on top of woolen socks, and then pass a couple of hours.

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How to soften the skin on shoes with folk remedies?

No matter how surprising it is, many skin care products for your face, for cooking, and even from a first-aid kit are suitable for the skin. Look at the methods below, select the option in which the tool is used, which is at hand, and proceed.

Soften the skin with oil and glycerin

If there is no way to buy a spray, then you can try to soften the skin on the shoes using improvised means:

  1. Glycerin will be the best tool - it will help soften even the roughest skin on the backs of shoes. Method of application: we rub glycerin on the necessary sites, and after a while we polish the shoes.
  2. Castor oil can be used to soften the skin. But do not forget that castor oil can stretch the material a little. It must be used very carefully. Just a couple of drops.

Soften the skin with a candle

The most famous folk remedy for softening the skin is paraffin. Using a regular paraffin candle, rub the area of ​​the shoe. As an alternative, just melt a candle and treat the material with warm paraffin.

Important! Any shoes will retain its properties and softness for a long time if properly monitored. Use our selection of methods and rules to easily take care of leather shoes.

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How to soften the skin on a jacket?

Another thing that every modern guy or girl has is a leather jacket. She is the most universal clothing that looks great with any thing from the wardrobe - both with jeans and sneakers, and with a stylish skirt, a beautiful dress and high heeled shoes.

If during the off-season storage the material became coarse or you just fell into bad weather and now it is not so pleasant to the touch, you will have to solve the problem of how to soften the skin on the jacket.

Important! You may encounter such a problem even if you bought a new item. Sellers, especially in inexpensive stores, do not always comply with all the rules of care and storage of things until they are sold.

Soften the skin in special repair shops

The easiest way to soften the skin on a jacket is dry cleaning. But this option, both in time and on budget, is very costly. Therefore, if you are not ready to wait or spend extra time looking for good specialists, try to restore the softness of the material on the jacket at home.

Home remedy

To soften small areas of skin on the jacket, you can use the methods described above for shoes. And you can also apply a combined composition of:

  • Glycerin;
  • Lemon juice;
  • Alcohol;
  • Water.

When all the ingredients have been prepared, we get to work:

  1. Mix lemon juice with water in equal proportions.
  2. Add 1 teaspoon of alcohol.
  3. Moisten a foam sponge in a solution, wipe it with the desired parts of the thing.
  4. Wipe the wet area well.
  5. Apply glycerin, rub well.
  6. Hang a jacket to dry, smooth.

Important! It is necessary to dry the jacket only at room temperature.

Soften the skin on the jacket with petroleum jelly

To cope with the task, than to soften the skin on the jacket, you can use petroleum jelly. The method of use is as follows: you need a petroleum jelly and a dry rag. You need to apply a small amount of petroleum jelly on a napkin and grease the surface of the roughened area with a thin layer. The jacket should be left overnight, and in the morning the remaining funds should be removed with a clean cloth.

Important! This method very well softens the coarsened material, gives it shine, and also extends the life of the product.

Soften the material with egg whites

Another very good tool to soften the skin on the jacket is beaten egg whites. Mode of application:

  1. Separate the whites from the yolks.
  2. Wet a dry cloth.
  3. Wipe it with the wrong side of the thing.
  4. Wait a couple of hours, and then wipe the material with wet wipes.

Important! Also not badly proven citrus fruits. To do this, you just need to lubricate the roughened skin with a slice of lemon, and after a couple of hours, remove the remaining. You can repeat the procedure until necessary softening.

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Proper care of a leather jacket

Proper care is very important for leather products:

  1. The thing should not hang in a closed closet, but so that it can breathe.
  2. You need to hang your jacket on a coat hanger, and put it into a linen or cotton bag for extended storage.
  3. Clean any item 2 times a year.
  4. Skin cleaning at home from stains of various origin is performed with soap or shampoo.
  5. To remove traces of fat, take corn or potato starch. It must be applied to the stain and left for 10-15 minutes and carefully remove the residues.
  6. Regular shoe shine prevents pore clogging with dirt and dust, which is a common cause of skin hardening.
  7. It is forbidden to dry wet shoes and outerwear near the battery, fireplace and other heaters.

Important! If you do not plan to change your outerwear every new season, keep a few useful publications on caring for such things:

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A leather jacket and shoes will always delight you and your family if you take good care of them. And exactly how to make a leather product soft, you already know. Therefore, even with such an unpleasant situation, you will definitely cope. Next time, just try to prevent it.

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