How to color shoes?

Unfortunately, sooner or later, even the highest quality shoes lose their original beautiful appearance. However, do not be upset - just a little effort and our advice, recommendations will help you give her a new life. We will understand the question of how to color shoes at home on their own, what nuances should be taken into account, and also how the means for dyeing suede, leather and rubber shoes differ.

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Painting shoes at home

Of course, you can turn to special trained people in the studio. However, not everyone has the means to do this, and why spend money on something that you can do it yourself at minimal cost.

Important! Each material needs its own individual approach. For example, acetone and alcohol as a degreaser, which are great for rubber shoes, are totally unsuitable for soft materials.


Before repainting shoes in a different color, it is necessary to carry out the preparatory phase. It is the most important step in the whole painting process.

Important! If you do not carry out the preparatory phase, then the paint will lie unevenly.

To do everything qualitatively:

  1. Use special cleaning products to remove dust, dirt, and shoe polish and wax from the surface. In most cases, such tools are included with the paint, but you can also use improvised methods. Soap solution with a small amount is perfect ammonia.
  2. After your shoes are cleaned, give them time to dry at room temperature.

Important! It is strictly forbidden to resort to using a fireplace or heater. Otherwise, the shoes are likely to lose shape and stick out.

Is this permissible?

Many are interested in the question of whether it is possible to repaint shoes in a different color. Would it ruin her completely? We hasten to reassure you - it is completely safe. But still it is better to adhere to such principles:

  • Light-colored shoes can immediately be painted in any, even very bright color, but coal-black will not work the first time.
  • Dark-colored shoes cannot be immediately repainted in a gentle light shade.
  • It’s best to pick a tone a few units darker than the original color of the shoe.


Choose a tool for painting

In fact, it all depends on what kind of result you intend to get, as well as the material of your pair of boots. These two aspects should definitely be taken into account when you go to the store.

You may come across a wide variety. The paint may be in the form of a powder, spray or a ready-made mixture. You can also choose your own manufacturer. Regarding the form of release, consider these tips:

  • liquid mixtures - a great option for beginners;
  • spray - suitable well for fleecy materials and tinting shoes, painting problem areas;
  • powder - universal, but most of all applicable if you need to thoroughly repaint the shoe.

Important! If you plan only decoration, then for these purposes the best option would be to use acrylic paint.

Staining process

If you follow the recommendations and follow the rules, the staining process will not seem difficult, but rather, on the contrary, very simple.

Attention! The paint contains very harmful chemicals, not to mention its strong smell.Do not ignore safety measures and personal protection, and well ventilate the room in which you work.

Take care of the following:

  • Keep children and pets away.
  • Cover the ground or floor with thick paper or polyethylene.
  • As for the tool, it is selected depending on the type of paint. For example, it can be a sponge, a brush or a brush.
  • Always read the attached instructions carefully.
  • At the end of the process, it is recommended that you carefully look at the shoes again to make sure all areas are evenly coated with paint.
  • In order to consolidate the result, it is necessary to allow the tool to soak. Leave the shoes to dry for several hours at room temperature.
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Leather and leather substitute

Dyeing leather shoes is much easier than from any other. It is unlikely that you will have any difficulties. The paint is guaranteed to lie evenly and neatly.

If only certain specific areas need staining:

  • A good idea for partial staining is to use paper tape. It will help to identify the contour, which will greatly facilitate the work.
  • You can also move the contents of the cream jar into a more convenient container, because, as a rule, it is small and inconvenient to use.

Important! It is very important to act quickly, but accurately during the painting process. If you want to achieve maximum results and prevent the appearance of stains on the surface, then the layers should dry evenly. Do not paint in small areas. Act at a time.

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Suede staining

Even if you are heavily invested in acquiring a high-quality pair of boots from suede, time will pass and it may lose its former color and gloss. But do not be discouraged, because you can save the suede and restore it to its former appearance. And a special paint designed specifically for this material will help you with this. You can buy it in almost any shoe store.

Instructions on how to paint boots at home:

  1. Carefully read the attached instructions.
  2. Wear gloves before starting work - they will help protect the skin of your hands.
  3. Distribute the dye evenly. If it is a liquid mixture, then with a soaking motion apply the product with a sponge. If the aerosol - in a uniform, thin layer, in 1 pass, from a distance of about 20 cm over the entire surface.
  4. If there are areas on the surface that are rubbed or begin to shine, then you need to give them a little more attention. Walk around these places with a small brush.

The result of the work should pleasantly surprise you!

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The most difficult to stain are rubber boots. These shoes are designed for walking in rainy weather. A large amount of moisture helps wash out the paint. Nevertheless, it is possible to eliminate small defects. This will help you paint for rubber.

For example, it could be acrylic:

  1. Preparatory material is also needed. To prepare the shoes for painting, just wipe it with a damp cloth and dry it.
  2. Degrease the surface with a suitable solvent.
  3. Gently apply the paint and let it dry.

Important! Unlike other materials, in this case it will take much more time. Usually it is two to three days.

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Heel and sole

Most of us are faced with such problems when scuffs form on the soles or scratches appear on the heel. To cope with the question of how to color the shoes, car paint will help. Degrease the skin and apply paint to the entire surface. After completion of work, you can open the surface with varnish, but this is not necessary.

Important! If you need to paint sneakers at home, the process itself is no different from restoring the color of shoes.

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These were all the tips on how to paint shoes in a different color at home.Follow them, and you will surely succeed in achieving the desired result.

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