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In the summer warm time you always want to wear light, comfortable and bright shoes. Textiles are perfect for this description. But you should not forget that they get dirty quickly and you just need to know how to clean cloth shoes.

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Shoe textile

To clean cloth shoes, you do not need to put a lot of effort. Immediately after a long-awaited purchase, it is recommended to process the product. water repellent. Such actions in the future will protect your favorite sneakers or sandals from the negative impact, and it will be easier to care for them. There are 2 ways to clean cloth shoes: manually and automatically (for some types).

Manual cleaning

Using this method to clean cloth shoes, follow these steps:

  1. Before washing, clean the product with a dry brush with a rough bristle. An old toothbrush is great for this.
  2. Get rid of laces, insoles and other accessories - they are cleaned separately.
  3. Clean water preferably at room temperature.
  4. Dampen the cloth with water and apply a little cleaning agent to the wet brush or sponge.
  5. Clean your shoes thoroughly.
  6. Remove any remaining cleaning agent under water with a brush or sponge.
  7. Do not soak the product. Joints with a sole and other elements can stick out.
  8. Try to set aside no more than 5-7 minutes.
  9. After washing, squeeze shoes to squeeze water.
  10. Set to dry in such a position that the water flows out, not in the toe or heel.
  11. Dry these things in well-ventilated, warm, and dry rooms.

Important! If the process is not entirely successful, use our tips so that without a traceto remove yellow stains on white sneakers after washing.


Automatic cleaning

There are types of textile shoes that can not be washed by hand, but in the car. These are mainly moccasins, sneakers, sneakers, etc. To find out if you can wash a fabric product in a machine, a label will help.

In this case, the following algorithm applies:

  1. Put items in special laundry bag or pillowcase.
  2. Wash accessories separately. Put them in another, same bag.
  3. Load these bags into the drum of the machine.
  4. Choose a delicate wash mode and low temperature. If there is a separate mode for shoes - he will do.
  5. After the shoes have dried, you can collect them back, insert insoles and laces.

Important! Remember that not all types of textile shoes can be machine washed. For example, do not do this with high-heeled sandals. Such washing threatens damage to shoes or cars.

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Care for shoes made of textiles. Rag for shoes

In order for a fabric product to maintain its unsurpassed appearance for as long as possible, you need to be able to not only clean it, but also have an idea of ​​how to properly care for shoes made of textiles.

Caring for textile shoes implies a few simple rules that extend the life of the product for a longer period.

Rule 1

The very first recommendation is the right choice of shoes. Choose it carefully for completeness and size. Keep in mind that a wide product will quickly lose its original appearance, and a close one will acquire folds that will be impossible to get rid of. Always consider the features of your foot when choosing these things.

Important! In order not to miscalculate the next purchase, read our separate publication, which contains all the useful tips, how to choose the right shoe size.

Rule 2

It is recommended to wear such products in dry and warm weather. Even shoes treated with a water-repellent agent will quickly deform when exposed to slush and rain.


Rule 3

When operating textile shoes, be very careful. Take them off without wringing the backdrop, but dress using a special horn. If these simple rules are not followed, ugly folds may appear on the fabric, which will be difficult to get rid of.

Important! If you are tired of designing your sneakers, moccasins or other shoes, find out interesting ideas favorite shoe updates.

Rule 4

If suddenly you went outside and you suddenly got rain, and sneakers or moccasins were wet, when you get home, immediately dry them. It is desirable to dry on special mold holders at room temperature. It is not recommended to dry near batteries and heaters, as the fabric may become deformed or sit down.

Important! Do not shoe the product until it is completely dry.

Rule 5

In shoe stores, in addition to a large selection of shoes, there are special creams for caring for her. For textile products, there is also a number of tools that allow you to refresh the pattern and color. Use them when leaving. In addition, they simplify cleaning and repel water and dirt. After processing, the fabric on the shoe becomes pleasant to the touch and brighter.

Important! Care products should be selected according to the type of material.

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White fabric shoes - care

Separately, it is worth considering how to care for white textile shoes. To clean them, use tooth powder and a toothbrush. Wash such shoes separately from the color, because, as in clothes, such a fabric can shed and ruin hopelessly beloved sandals or shoes. Otherwise, the tips above will do.

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Storage Tips

After the end of the season, textile shoes should be properly stored. For this:

  1. Store only clean and dry products.
  2. Place special inserts in them to prevent deformation and lay crumpled paper.
  3. Place an insect repellent and moth in the storage box.
  4. If you have problems choosing a suitable place due to the large number of different shoes or the modest size of your home, use our ideas for practical shoe storage.
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Now you know how to care for shoes made of textiles. Using our tips, you will extend the life of your favorite shoes for a long time and in the warmer months you will always look irresistible in vivid images that emphasize your personality.

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