How To Clean Suede Sneakers From Dirt 🥝 How To Care For Suede Sneakers

Suede trainers are not just perfect shoes for sports and everyday wear, but also a stylish accessory. Care must be taken of them. But the whole impression of your image can be blurred if the pile is accepted, and spots of various colors and origin flaunt on the surface of fashionable shoes. That is why you need to know how to clean suede sneakers at home, so that you do not have to regularly put them in dry cleaning due to improper care of the material or even send it to the scrap after a season. Our article will help you understand how to properly clean and wash suede sneakers.

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What are suede sneakers? We determine the material and the right approach for cleaning.

Before you think about cleaning suede sneakers, you need to understand what they generally are:

  1. Artificial material. The synthetics are quite specific in care and do not tolerate aggressive care products, although often its resistance to pollution is higher.
  2. Natural material. As a rule, such shoes can be worn easily and conveniently. Sneakers made of natural material will last you quite a while, moreover, such shoes are wear-resistant, have a smooth velvety surface that stretches perfectly. Another indisputable advantage is that such shoes breathe, which means that your legs will be in comfort and order.

Important! Not sure how to distinguish faux suede from natural? This is done quite simply. You should run your hand through the material:

  • If the fibers of the sneakers change color, as well as if they change direction, then this means that you have genuine shoes.
  • Faux suede, basically, immediately takes its original form.
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Tips for Proper Suede Care

If you strive to thoroughly clean your suede sneakers you did not have to too often, follow these simple care rules:

  • Once you bought them, you should immediately treat the material with special tools that will allow the pile to repel moisture and dirt. This will increase the life of the shoe several times. Twist or Salton may help very well, but there are others that we covered in detail in the article. “Water-repellent impregnation for shoes”.
  • Immediately before doing basic care, dry your shoes in a natural room temperature.
  • If you find small impurities, then they can be easily and simply removed with a brush. If the pollution is large, then you still need soapy water. Dip a brush in soapy water and wash your shoes, trying not to wet it too much. You can also use one of the options proposed in our review. professional suede cleaners.

Important! In no case do not try to wash suede in a washing machine, otherwise - shoes will become unusable due to washing.

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Suede Cleaning Process

In order to properly clean sneakers from suede, you need to know not only what you can clean, but how to do it.

The first stage is cleaning and washing

The most important thing when cleaning suede sneakers is dry cleaning, with which you can remove dirt and dust accumulated between the villi. This is done using rough suede brushes, which has a smooth rubber and sometimes rough surface on one side and a hard pile on the other. The cost of the brush is relatively small.

To clean only the visible surface is not all. After dry cleaning, the shoes also need the so-called “deep cleaning”, which is subject to severe contamination of your shoes. To do this, you first need to steam the material - you can do it over the kettle, in which only the water has boiled, walk the brush along the pile, and then use one of the methods described above. You can also use modern devices for steaming material, if you have already acquired one - steam cleaners or steamers.

Important! Do not rub your shoes too rough. Only light movements should be used, otherwise - you can ruin your shoes.

The second stage - protection against moisture and dirt

After you wash your shoes, you need to protect them from moisture and dirt. To do this, you need to use products that have moisture repellent properties.

Important! Protection against moisture and dirt after buying shoes consists of three layers of protection. Each coat is applied over a dried coat. After each wash, the protection consists of one layer.

Stage Three - Daily Care

Daily suede care includes the usual brushing procedure and thorough drying.

Important! If it was not possible to restore the neat appearance of the shoes, perhaps our instruction will help to rectify the situation, how to color shoes.

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Stain Remedies

Suede sneakers can be cleaned, but only this must be done delicately and carefully enough so as not to spoil the material. White sneakers require special care. In order to clean your suede sneakers, you can use fairly simple and familiar tools that you use almost every day:

  • The best known mix when cleaning suede sneakers is milk and soda. In order to clean their shoes, you need to mix a tablespoon of soda with a small glass of milk with the lowest percentage of fat content. Then we wipe the surface with the mixture using a small piece of cloth. It is better to use such a home-made product to clean light-colored suede sneakers.
  • Ammonia and water. In this method, the main thing is not to overdo it with the concentration of ammonia with water. It is necessary to take no more than 15 drops of ammonia per glass of water, mix them in a small bowl. Then grab an unnecessary piece of cloth, dip and wipe your suede sneaker until absolutely clean.
  • The following method can be used not only to wash clothes, but also to clean suede sneakers. Laundry detergent is a truly universal remedy for dirt. In order to clean the shoes from suede with washing powder, it is necessary to dilute a pinch of the powder in warm water until all the grains are completely dissolved. Then wipe your shoes with such a mixture. When finished, take another dry clean rag and wipe the surface. Place the sneakers in a specially prepared place so that they are completely dry.
  • If you have a greasy coating on your shoes, then either refined gasoline or the most common talcum powder can help you. Gasoline is used as a soap solution. But talcum powder should be applied to shoes and left for several hours. Then the shoes need to be cleaned of talc with a hard brush.
  • If your sneakers have a brown tint, then you can use coffee grounds, which need to be moistened with a brush and gently wiped with it over the entire surface of the shoe. Then let the shoe dry, and then go over the surface with a dry brush again.

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How to remove glossy spots?

Glossy suede inevitably occurs with prolonged wear of suede shoes. They can be removed quite simply by means, each of which is easy to find in your home:

  • The easiest way to clean shining places is starch. To begin, pour starch into problem areas, hold it this way for a couple of hours. Then walk with a stiff brush over the surface.
  • If the situation is neglected, then a mixture of starch with ammonia will help. Combine both ingredients in a small bowl, and then apply the solution on a shiny place. The final cleaning step is the same: brush off the mixture.
  • Eraser and foam can mainly help if you have just started to appear shiny spots. In order to clean the shoes from suede from such stains, you should wipe with an eraser or hard foam on the surface of the shoe. All that remains can be easily removed with a brush or sponge.
  • If the above methods did not help you deal with shiny spots, then you can use stale bread. Everything that could not be removed with bread is removed with a sponge or brush.

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We clean sneakers from different materials

Sneakers today are on sale not only from suede, but also from other, equally popular materials.

Clean leather sneakers

Cleaning leather sneakers can also be the most difficult problem. But with small impurities can be cleaned with a solution of warm water and a special shampoo for the skin. Moisten a brush or sponge in the solution and carefully treat the area of ​​contamination. You can also use a simple soap.

Important! It is not recommended to use bleach-based products if you have colored sneakers.

The skin can be easily dried at room temperature. If you are in a hurry, you can dry it under a hairdryer, but you can’t place too close a stream of hot air. After the shoes have dried, spread on them protective skin cream or glycerin - this is necessary to prevent deformation of the material, cracks, coarsening.

Important! If the products are thoroughly dirty and cannot be cleaned manually, you can wash the sneakers in the washing machine. For this use liquid detergents, special mode “Shoes” or in extreme cases “Delicate wash" Necessarily without spin.

Clean synthetic sneakers

Synthetic sneakers should be cleaned with a soft sponge. With large contamination, you can easily and simply remove it with household soap. And you need to rub with the soft bristles of your brush.

Important! In no case should synthetic shoes be rubbed with hard bristles, as they deteriorate quite easily.

After you wash the synthetic sneakers, they must be rinsed and set to dry.

Important! It is strictly forbidden to wash such sneakers in the washing machine, especially if the model is cheap. Glue seams can be separated from such processing and then nothing beautiful, albeit an unstable pair, will not save.

Caring for your textile sneakers

  • Textile sneakers should be washed with a solution of warm water and soap. For convenience, additionally use an unnecessary toothbrush to scrape off solid dirt stains.
  • After - rinse thoroughly, but only if you are sure that glued seams will not come apart.
  • Dry at the end at room temperature.

Important! If the stains are not washed, then it is necessary to use purified gasoline or stain removers that do not contain bleaches.

Clean nubuck sneakers

If your sneakers are wet, then first dry them, but if they are dry, then go directly to the cleaning itself:

  • Shake off dust and dirt with a small soft brush.
  • Then we wipe the places of pollution with a special stone for cleaning sneakers from suede and nubuck.
  • After you need to apply a special tool for caring for nubuck.

Now it's time to go out in clean and tidy shoes.To give originality to your image, use one of our ideas, how to tie shoelaces on sneakers.

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Thus, it is necessary to clean sneakers made of suede, leather, fabric and other materials. We hope that the article helped you with this and now your shoe always looks in accordance with your well-thought-out way, it emphasizes it only from the favorable side.

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